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    19 Grooming Tips Every Guy Needs To Know

    You've got 99 problems? Well, these tricks solve some.

    Let's be real here. For most guys, having a decent beauty routine isn't exactly at the top of their list of ~life goals~.

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    But, that doesn't mean it's not important.

    So, behold: a list of easy things that will make you at least three times better looking then you've ever been before. (Probably.)

    1. Cut back on drinking. Stay looking fresh to death.


    Besides the obvious skin ruiners - smoking and sunlight - sugar is also contributing to your fine lines. And sadly, alcohol is filled with the stuff.

    While lowering that sugar intake might sound tough, it could be very worth it. Ice cream - great. Being confused for your date's Dad while getting ice cream - hardly ideal.

    2. Use cold spoons to hide the fact you didn't get close to enough sleep.

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    Place the spoons in the freezer before you start getting ready to leave the house, then, before you go, gently hold the cool metal over the under-eye bags to de-puff the suckers.

    3. Go to a proper hairdresser, and be real with them.


    Got dandruff? Get that shit off your chest. Stressing about your hairline? They'll probably feel you. Wondering how long you can go between washes before it gets unhygienic? Just ask. They've heard it all before.

    4. Find a hairdresser you actually like. Then stick with them.

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    Got the perfect cut? Go back to the guy - or girl - that did it. It's much easier to say "Hey - do what you did last time" than pull the whole "I don't know what I want but I will try and explain with hand gestures" move again.

    5. When your hairline starts to recede, get a haircut to suit.


    Rather than a slicked back style that shows off your hairline, ask for a natural cut that's "soft" at the edges, celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader, tells BuzzFeed Life. Keep the length short to medium, as long hair can highlight what you're wanting to hide.

    6. If your hair is thinning, go shampoo shopping and farewell your man bun.


    First, get your products sorted. "Protein is your best friend, as it strengthens the hair and promotes longevity," explains Nader.

    Secondly, avoid the ponytail. "If you tend to pull your hair into tight styles - like a pony or bun - ease off the tension from here on in," says Nader. "As you can imagine, over time the baby hairs around our hairline become fragile and weak. The same goes for constant tension on the crown, which can thin over time too."

    When washing and drying your hair - be gentle.

    7. If you've got dandruff, take cooler showers.


    And lay off the hair product. Doing this stops unused shampoo, gels etc. from building up on the scalp.

    As for the showers - hot water dehydrates the skin - including the scalp, so steaming hot shower sessions just make matters worse, explains Nader.

    8. If you want to grow your hair long, keep having regular trims.

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    A trim every 6-7 weeks will keep you looking on-purpose ~disheveled~ and not like you've just been too lazy to make an appointment with your barber, explains Nader.

    9. Most men's brows could do with some shaping. So, check if yours do.


    Just make sure you're tackling the right area.

    If you have hair between your brows, particularly long hairs or your brows are close to taking over your eyelid, you might need to take action, Hannah Terrett, Benefit National Education Manager, tells BuzzFeed Life.

    10. When dealing with a mono-brow situation, don't over-tweeze.

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    For a rough guide, hold a pencil vertically against the edge of your nostril. Your brow should start in line with the pencil. So, the start of your brows should always be in line with the outer edge of your nostril. Yeah, face mapping.

    11. Never, ever, ever bite your cuticles. Push them back.


    If you're not already clued up on cuticles, these are the thin pieces of skin between your finger and your fingernail. When you're working - or for just no reason at all, at times - they lift off and become what can potentially be the biggest cause of pain in a finger-owner's life.

    While it might seem logical to bite these little bastards right down to the skin, this can lead to infection, pain and gross looking hands - a lose, lose, lose situation, really. Next time you see your cuticle growing too far onto your nail or rising up, push it back into the base the nail (with another finger nail or specially designed cuticle pusher), rather than cut or bite it, Alison Bowhill-Hayes, Sally Hansen Nail Expert, tells BuzzFeed Life.

    To make it easier, wash your hands in warm water first, to soften the cuticle. Try a cuticle oil to keep your fingertips from being dry and cracked.

    12. Go soap-free. On your face, that is.

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    If you're noticing redness and flaking gross-ness, but you haven't been sunburnt recently, your skin might not be dealing well with whatever it is your washing it with. If your face feels tight after you wash it, you might need to swap your current product for something soap-free with a balanced pH, Associate Professor Greg Goodman from the Dermatology Institute of Victoria, tells BuzzFeed Life.

    13. If you get a pimple, try your very hardest not to squeeze it.


    Look, as satisfying as that pop can be, it makes it way more likely that you'll be left with a scar on your face once the spot itself has healed. If your need to squeeze is directly alighted with the desire to get rid of that motherfucker as soon as possible, you're doing the wrong thing. Instead of clearing your skin, the pressure you put on the zit can push the inside sebum back into the skin and cause an infection that's way worse than what you're dealing with right now.

    14. Blackheads aren't just little grains of dirt. So, you can't just wash them off. Instead, you've got to suck them out.

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    "Blackheads are a buildup of oil and sloughed-off skin cells that become trapped in the follicle on the way to the skin's surface. Blackheads get their colour because this plug contains dislodged melanin, which are the cells that give our skin colour," says Goodman.

    To suck those suckers out of your skin, look for a clay-based face mask, which works to literally draw the blackheads out of your pores.

    15. Know your skincare ingredients. Especially, if you have dry or sensitive skin.

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    Dry skin sucks. Not just because it looks dry, but because it itches and hurts, and, well, that sucks because you've got it covering every inch of you. Eczema and dermatitis take things to a whole new level of sh*it, so you need to look after yourself before your skin situation gets out of control.

    "Look for products with anti-inflammatory qualities such as soy, green and white tea, as well as hyaluronic acid, which binds very strongly to water and hydrates the skin," says Goodman.

    16. Use a toothbrush to clean your razor.


    "if your razor doesn't come with a tiny, baby brush for cleaning, get yourself a toothbrush, as the bristles are short and strong, which is the key for cleaner blades and a more even shave," says Nader. And, be sure to be cleaning your razor after every shave.

    17. Always trim your beard when it's dry.

    When your hair is wet, it's longer, so cutting straight out of the shower means that once it's dried off, your trim wont be even close to smooth.

    18. Invest in a beard oil, to keep yours feeling touchable.


    Look for products, which include coconut, argan or jojoba oil as a base. Alternatively, use one of these oils, applying just a tiny amount. If you're in the market for an oil, your local barber is a good place to start shopping.

    19. If you're a sweaty guy, reassess your drinking habits.


    Sadly, alcohol and caffeine can both increase sweat factor. So, if you want to calm down your pit situation, cut back on both for a few weeks and see if you notice a difference.

    Go forth, guys. You're all beautiful.

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