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    19 Signs You're Addicted To Trainers

    They are your one true love and you don't need any other shoes.

    1. You have come to the realisation that trainers are simultaneously the most stylish and comfortable shoe.

    2. And you have not looked back.

    3. Maybe you started wearing them in the gym.

    4. Or just you know, casually out and about.

    5. But pretty soon you wouldn't leave the house without them.

    6. You might have tried wearing them on a few nights out.

    7. And before you know it you're at a wedding and your trainers match your dress.

    8. You know that trainers go with any outfit.

    9. You're pretty sure that trainers are so beautiful these days that they count as modern art.

    10. Buying a fresh pair of trainers gives you a genuine high.

    11. You have spent a decent amount of time trying to create the perfect trainer on the Nike ID website.

    But is there such a thing as the perfect trainer?

    12. You know that trainers are also insanely practical.

    13. This seems like an impossible choice.

    14. When someone wears good trainers it takes them up about three levels of hotness.

    15. You spend all your money on trainers.

    16. Maybe your friends and family have tried to tempt you away from the trainer life.

    17. You have a long and varied trainer wish list.

    18. This is what you dream of.

    19. Seriously this is too much for me right now.