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    21 Ways Celebs Taught You How To Forget Your Loser Ex And Move On

    Spoiler alert: Closure is stupid.

    1. It's important to give yourself time to feel sad and cry every tear that needs to be cried.

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    2. But never reach a stage where you haven't left the house, showered or done anything other than wallow. Because as much as it feels like it, your world isn't over.

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    3. And once the initial tears have subsided, don't dwell on how much you miss them. It's not worth your time.

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    4. It's always best to turn to your friends because unlike that douchelord ex, they don't let you down and they always get you through.

    5. Don't bottle things up – talk it all out with your friends. But know when enough is enough.

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    You can talk about it for the rest of your life but it won't change anything. And talking about things too much can end up being unproductive. It just brings back memories you'd be better off forgetting. Know when it's time to take a deep breath and tell yourself, "enough now."

    6. Wine is also a good option. Forget your ex by drinking all the wine.

    7. Never rush into trying to be friends.

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    Let the dust settle, have six months at the very least without contact – let yourself heal before attempting a friendship. That's if they even deserve to have you in their lives.

    8. Get all the memories of them the fuck out of your home.


    You don't need physical reminders as well as emotional ones.

    9. It's always best to vent your anger. Get it all out of your system.

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    Yell about them until you can YELL NO MORE.

    10. But it's even better to channel all those emotions in a positive way. Something creative, or something fun JUST FOR YOU.

    11. Focus on your career because after all, success is the best form of revenge.

    12. Plan lots of girls' nights out involving cocktails, dancing and no boy talk.

    13. Don't obsess over what went wrong in the hope of closure. Spoiler: closure is stupid.

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    Meeting your ex for a post-mortem of your relationship and breakup will never make you feel better. Accepting it, no matter how hard, will.

    14. If you want to have casual dates or hookups, go for it.

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    15. Although it's definitely preferable to spend time by yourself before rushing into any rebound situation.

    The best person to have a relationship is you, obvs.

    16. But not so much time that you become resentful of any form of relationship.

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    They don't all have to end in heartbreak.

    17. Remember that the positive part of any breakup is rediscovering yourself and finding time for the things you'd neglected.

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    18. Get to know yourself and make your own happiness. Never rely on someone else to do it for you.

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    19. And embrace the moment you're able to truly laugh again.

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    In fact, take a moment to truly relish it.

    20. Because the sadness you once felt became anger which has melted away into indifference.

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    21. And ultimately, it's their loss. You are, and always will be, perfectly fabulous.

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