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14 Reactions To Lady A, FKA Lady Antebellum, Suing Anita White Because They Now Have The Same Stage Name

"So Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A in order to be racially 'woke' but now they are suing the black singer that’s had that name for 20 years."

A few weeks ago, the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum announced that they were changing their name to Lady A in order to disassociate from the racist connotations that come with their former name.

While the decision is understood by most — especially in the wake of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests — it was pointed out that there's already an artist who goes by the name of Lady A.

Today, the Hollywood Reporter reported that Lady A (the band) filed a lawsuit against Lady A (the solo singer) for use of the aforementioned name:

Today we are sad to share that our sincere hope to join together with Anita White in unity and common purpose has ended. She and her team have demanded a $10 million payment, so reluctantly we have come to the conclusion that we need to ask a court to affirm our right to continue to use the name Lady A, a trademark we have held for many years.

People on Twitter immediately had thoughts, with many pointing out the irony of a powerful white band making a change to combat racism...and then suing a Black artist:


So Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A in order to be racially “woke” but now they are suing the black singer that’s had that name for twenty years.


Of course they're trying to take a Black woman's name.


Changing their band to Lady Antebellum to Lady A to show support for Black Lives Matter but then sue a Black blues singer also named Lady A to get ownership of the name Lady


Lady Antebellum changing their name to Lady A to show solidarity with BLM only to SUE AN ACTUAL BLACK ARTIST who already has that name is performative wokeness at its BLEAKEST


@THR win, lose or draw, no one should ever buy lady antebellum music again.


@ShadowTodd FKA Lady Antebellum: We changed our name to show our support for black people. uwu Lady A: hey thats my name can you find something else FKA Lady Antebellum: due to unforeseen circumstances we will be suing a black woman


let me see if I got this right: it took Lady Antebellum ~14 years to realize the racist affiliation of their stage name, so in an attempt to distance themselves from it they sue a *checks notes* black woman for HER name when they should’ve done their research instead?


@katieliza92 Shoulda just gone with Lady and the Bellum. @ladya


White southern band changes fairly racist name to something already taken by a Black woman, then sues the woman when she didn't just give them her name. Trying to find a metaphor here


I cannot believe they're suing a black woman for the rights to the name she's been using for years. This is worse optics than just not changing the name to begin with, and maybe worse than changing the name *back* to Lady Antebellum


imagine attempting to separate yourself from the confederacy and somehow coming out worse from a PR perspective


@THR They’re suing a Black blues singer who had the name first? LOL


BREAKING: Country trio you don’t like gives you another reason not to like them.


@THR I... but... she was there first!

Anita White has yet to respond.

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