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    Here Are The Hipster Food Trends From Around The World

    Avocado toast's influence reigns supreme.

    As humans, we eat food to live. But as humans living in 2019, the food we eat is a lifestyle. / Via

    Sure, we have our avocado toasts and countless deconstructed meals — which, IMO, have no business being deconstructed — in the US, but what's the "Instagrammable" food in other countries?


    Well, Reddit user AstralWeekends asked: "Non-Americans of /r/cooking, what are the current hipster cooking and food trends in your country?" And a curiosity I never even knew I had has been piqued.

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    Here are some of the most delicious replies:

    1. Poke, Canada

    Nerudol / Getty Images

    2. Sushi, Canada

    Ridofranz / Getty Images

    3. Baozi, England

    Ahirao_photo / Getty Images

    4. Boba tea, Thailand

    Tashka2000 / Getty Images


    5. Raw foods, Australia

    Bartosz Luczak / Getty Images

    6. Gourmet burgers, Brazil

    Smitt / Getty Images

    7. Tacos, Canada

    Rez-art / Getty Images

    8. BBQ, England

    Nadzeyaphoto / Getty Images

    9. Waffles, Nepal

    Beats3 / Getty Images

    10. Ramen, Sweden

    Ahirao_photo / Getty Images


    11. Salted eggs, Singapore

    Amynapaloha / Getty Images

    12. Truffle fries, Peru

    Roschetzkyistockphoto / Getty Images

    13. Vegan cuisine, England

    Yelenayemchuk / Getty Images

    14. Avocado toast, Australia

    Karinaurmantseva / Getty Images

    15. Kombucha, South Africa

    Thitareesarmkasat / Getty Images

    16. Tofu, Finland

    Amarita / Getty Images

    17. Zoodles, Germany

    Fascinadora / Getty Images

    18. Craft beer, India

    Davidprahl / Getty Images

    19. Finally, Cheetos, United Arab Emirates

    Eliza317 / Getty Images