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The Best Televised Moments Of The RNC 2012

ICYMI, #RNC2012 was off the hook. THNX CSPAN!

1. Mitt was watching CSPAN just like us!

2. Boehner!

3. Did they sing "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood?

You bet they sang "God Bless The USA" by Lee Greenwood.

4. Rick Santorum talked about hands.

Like, a lot.

5. Ron Paul's dedicated supporters provided some delicious televised moments for non-Republican viewers.

View this video on YouTube

6. Reince was not amused.

But Chairman Priebus held fast throughout the drama.

7. Ann Romney's daughter-in-law called Ann a "modern feminist."

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8. Paul Ryan talked about listening to Mitt's music in hotel elevators. I dunno, it was weird.

9. The convention's 2nd weirdest moment did not involve Clint Eastwood or an empty chair.

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10. BuzzFeed's Mermaid-infused RNC party made the local news.

View this video on YouTube

11. No idea what's going on here.

12. We got to know the guy behind the convention's big balloon drop.

View this video on YouTube

13. Bad jokes were told.

14. It was up to George H.W. Bush to provide the comedy.

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15. FAB or DRAB?

BuzzFeed wanted to know. Duh.

16. G.E. Smith's band was solid.

They even did "Call Me Maybe" :D

View this video on YouTube

17. Republicans got down.

Dude, so busted.

18. Mitt fist bumped a guy.

19. Andrea Mitchell had a big scoop.

20. We had our own ideas about how Clint should have made his entrance:

21. In the end, Clint did things his way.

Did you hear the one about Clint Eastwood and the empty chair?

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