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    25 Times Ruth Bader Ginsburg Probably Wasn't 100% Sober At The SOTU

    Can you blame her?

    1. "Damn, dude, that big kid grape juice you brought back from Cali was bomb, Tony!"

    Getty Images Pool

    2. "Jesus, Ruth, you aren't going to pass out on us again, are you?"

    3. "Ugh, I'm not waking her up this time, you guys."

    4. "Oh shit. I'm def feeling it."

    5. "Oh, hell yeah, gettin' dem spins."

    6. "..."

    7. "Hey, how long is this thing going to take? I gotta piss like a racehorse."


    8. "Good lord, Ruthie, we've only got another hour. I told you not to break the seal."

    9. "Oh shiiit, outta my way, bitches! Here comes Obeezy AND HE'S DRIPPIN' WITH SWAGGUUU."

    Alex Wong / Via Getty Images

    10. "Get over here and give mama a hug."

    Getty Images Pool

    11. "Don't tell Biden, but..."

    Getty Images Pool

    12. "...I'm probably not 100% sober, LOLLLL."

    13. "Oh, FFS."

    14. "OK, Ruth, I gotta go give my speech now."

    NICHOLAS KAMM AFP / Getty Images

    15. "That's OK...I gotta go pee. Tee-heee."

    16. "Damn, you still the baddest bish in town, RBG."

    Getty Images Mark Wilson


    Getty Images Pool

    17. "Oh, dear lord, what have I done?"

    Getty Images Alex Wong

    18. "Don't pass out, don't pass out, don't pass..."

    19. "Ah, fuck it. I'm a damn Supreme Court Justice FOR LIFE, damn it."

    20. "And I do what I want."

    21. "And I want a damn nap."

    Getty Images Alex Wong

    22. "Psst, Ruth. Ruuuuuth."

    23. "Ah, can't really blame her, tbh."

    24. "Zzzzzzzzzz."

    25. "Omg, same."

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