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We've Reached Peak Minimalism With The Helix Tattoo Trend

Can you say permanent earrings?

Move over finger tattoos, helix tats are here and they're a minimalist's dream.

These microscopic tattoos have been popping up all over Instagram, and they are basically permanent ear cuffs.

I mean just look at this delicate little lavender branch.

Not only are they adorable, but they're easy to hide if you don't want your parents to know you got a tattoo.

Gone are the days of losing your favorite earring because the back fell off. These babies are forever.

You can keep it simple with black dots.

Or add a pop of color with a floral design.

Honestly, with so many designs to chose from it's a shame we don't have more ears.

  1. How do you feel about helix tattoos?

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How do you feel about helix tattoos?
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    Love them! Give me 12 right now.
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    Hate them! Stop trying to make helix tats happen.