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    Here Are The Perfect Valentine's Day Cards For "Simpsons" Lovers

    Nothing says "I love you" quite like the greeting: "Truly, yours is a butt that won't quit."

    Everyone knows that The Simpsons featured the greatest Valentine's Day card in the entire history of mankind.

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    It's the pity card that Lisa Simpson gives to Ralph Wiggum on Valentine's Day in the episode "I Love Lisa" from the show's fourth season (that was 1993, by the way. Yep, 22 years ago).

    "It says "choo-choo-choose" me, and there's a picture of a train!"

    Well, superfan Minnnty has created some other V-Day cards inspired by The Simpsons, and posted them on her fantastic FYSpringfield Tumblr account.

    She made them for the purpose of fans printing them out and sharing them.

    There's that great declaration (and lame Burns' heir audition) from Milhouse.

    Woodrow/Homer couldn't have said it better...

    Take a lesson in charm from Grampa Simpson.

    Yes, eat all of our shirts!

    The hand controls ME!

    Groundskeeper Willie has the lines to back up that shredded torso.

    Suitable alternative greeting: "Do yiz have any grease? Then, grease me up woman!"

    The box, the box!

    And here are some of Minnnty's earlier Simpsons Valentine's efforts.

    See more of the cards here, and check out Minnnty's Facebook page for further Springfieldian devotion.

    Happy Valentine's Day lovers!

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