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    15 Dangerously Hilarious Quinceañera Dress Fails

    Tight corsets + puffy skirts = trouble.

    1. First off, the skirts are so fluffy that you never know if you’re actually sitting on a chair or on thin air.

    2. And did I mention that they're pretty damn flammable?

    3. Pyrotechnics and human pyramids don't pair well with quinceañera dresses.

    4. Lamps and elaborate decorations won't save you.

    5. They'll most likely block your chambelan's visibility, and accidents will happen.

    6. The floor and the puffy skirts seem to be magnetic...

    7. So you'll surely end up sweeping the floor with your stupid dress.

    8. Definitely do not try to run in your dress as you are likely to DIE.

    9. Walking backwards isn't a smart idea either.

    10. And while you're at it, maybe you shouldn't dance either.

    11. You will wobble, and you will fall down.

    12. And just when you think you've escaped death's cold grip, something will happen.

    13. A quinceañera dress + a chambelán with no upper body strength = a disaster waiting to happen.

    14. Peacocks flee in fear of the death machine you call a quinceañera dress.

    15. So be very careful and try not to die out there.