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    23 Tweets People Who Like Wearing Only Black Can Relate To

    “It’s a lovely day outside — I think I’ll wear black.”

    1. You know natural selection will work in your favor:

    Twitter: @tbhjuststop

    2. You're always down to mourn the loss of anything:

    Twitter: @sarmcmillan

    3. Anything...

    Twitter: @ThinkSarcasm

    4. And your friends can always count on you to have the best all-black inventory:

    Twitter: @wjhanley72

    5. Your parents might not always be into your style:

    Twitter: @__lina18

    6. But you know you can always win that argument:

    Twitter: @SarahHardyParty

    7. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to stay true to yourself:

    Twitter: @sworntaboo

    8. You might face daily obstacles:

    Twitter: @ross__ocampo

    9. And wearing all-black can be a struggle depending on the season:

    Twitter: @yeseniatwigs

    10. But you don't really have a choice, because this is what your closet looks like year-round:

    Twitter: @littlegardenias

    11. You know you'll always be the hottest, literally:

    Twitter: @basedgodbyrd

    12. But you just follow your heart anyway:

    Twitter: @meary_cat

    13. You have two moods — and usually you go for the latter:

    Twitter: @JacelinB

    14. Because there's always a perfect excuse to wear your favorite color:

    Twitter: @MancGirl_

    15. Wearing black doesn't always mean you're dead inside:

    Twitter: @Niiyahxo

    16. Ok...sometimes it does, but like, in a chic way:

    Twitter: @kaybaybs

    17. Sometimes you can wear black for joyous occasions:

    Twitter: @Fit_Motivator

    18. Black is the perfect choice for clumsy people who also want to look stylish AF:

    Twitter: @Ragamuffff

    19. Sometimes people will make it hard for you to be comfortable:

    Twitter: @baileelucier

    20. Or you might be confused for an evil bartender:

    Twitter: @wjhanley72

    21. You hate when society expects you to wear ugly-ass colors — like green — because of some holiday you don't really care for:

    Twitter: @Call_Me_Fost

    22. But don't ever let anyone change you:

    Twitter: @greycloudharry

    23. Because your happiness is all that matters:

    Twitter: @gabbienicole17