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    Two New Axe T&A Commercials

    The women: perfect bodies. The men: not so much. UPDATE: plus a lame, Prince Harry-themed UK newspaper ad.

    View this video on YouTube

    View this video on YouTube

    I had hope last month when Axe released their entertaining "Susan Glenn" spot starring Kiefer Suthurland.

    Finally, the brand was choosing to overestimate the intelligence of the consumer, while still including hot babes for the idiots. I was actually looking forward to the next ad in the campaign.

    Silly me. We're back to blatant, sexist, stupidity.

    Notice the "hero" in the "Hot Put" video: Noodle arms, sunken chest.

    And, a construction worker wearing Axe on the job?
    That mix of smells would be an olfactory delight.

    Though: the spots are slightly better than this one starring big disembodied boobs.

    Ad agency: BBH NYC.

    If you're gonna do vulture marketing, at least do something funny.

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