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    Is This The Worst Rock Video Of All Time?


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    I remember watching this when it came it out in 1984, and laughing hysterically. Billy Squier was already, somehow, an MTV star thanks to his absolutely terrible song, "The Stroke," and other bad, but slightly less terrible, hits.

    This video, which at the time was the most expensive Capitol Records had ever made, effectively ended Squier's career.

    The choreography looks like it was created by Richard Simmons.

    This is what Squier says about it in the book I Want My MTV, according to Dangerous Minds:

    "When I saw the video, my jaw dropped. It was diabolical. I looked at it and went, “What the fuck is this?
    "The video misrepresents who I am as an artist. I was a good-looking, sexy guy. That certainly didn’t hurt in promoting my music. But in this video I’m kind of a pretty boy. And I’m preening around a room. People said “He’s gay.” Or, “He’s on drugs.” It was traumatizing to me. I mean, I had nothing against gays. I have a lot of gay friends.
    "Everything I worked for was crumbling and I couldn’t stop it. How can a four-minute video do that? Ok, it sucked. So?”

    Read more about the video and what an exec at Capitol called it at Dangerous Minds.