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    Can You Guess Why Hitler Is Smiling?

    He just got some relief from a common ailment.

    Senokot is a laxative.

    That's some unconvincing Photoshop work there.

    Der Führer has been in ads for everything from deodorant to herbal tea.

    I'll let the ad agency nitwits dig their own mass grave:

    Constipation can be frustrating, maddening, trying, irritating and aggravating. If a person was constantly constipated and felt these emotions all the time, it would be safe to say they wouldn’t be the best person in the world. Luckily Senokot can relieve the worst cases of constipation and could even help an anally retentive dictator. When we see the most terrible dictators of history, we see images of cold men that seem frustrated and aggravated. Seeing these men with a very different facial expression than we are used to seeing, we showcase the effectiveness of Senokot.

    Ad agency: EuroRSCG, Johannesburg.

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