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Answer These 7 Netball Questions And We'll Accurately Guess What Position You Play

I can tell you're a GA just from the way you roll your eyes.

  1. How would your opposition describe your performance on the court?

    Close up of a netball sitting on the middle of a netball court
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  2. Pick a phrase you shout constantly on court.

    Woman saying something as she is working out
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  3. Choose a hairstyle to wear on the game-day.

    Woman running while pulling her hair into a ponytail
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  4. Decide what netball ~accessory~ you'll be taking with you on court.

    Woman with two different coloured pieces of kinesiology tape gets her arm stretched
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  5. How do you react when an umpire makes a bad call against you?

    Close up of person blowing a metal whistle
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  6. Choose a classic netball carnival brekkie to eat before the games start.

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  7. And finally, what injury did you receive from your many games of netball?

    X-ray of a hand showing dislocated finger
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