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    31 Home Items From Walmart That Basically Pay For Themselves Over Time

    Your future self will thank you for making these money-saving purchases.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. The all-mighty air fryer poised to become your favorite kitchen gadget because it can cook practically any food to crispy perfection with very little oil. You'll find yourself making your own delicious fries instead of ordering expensive takeout.

    Black air fryer on a counter with fries in the fryer basket

    Promising review: "I have precious little counter space in my little kitchen, but this has a permanent home! I absolutely adore this thing. Chicken wings in the fryer are awesome. You can also make some awesome brats or dogs in it and get a nice crispy crunch to the skins. I've done a few roasted veggies that are awesome. The clean up on this one is so easy. You basically just rinse it out and dry it off." –Dingbatdinah

    Price: $49.88 (originally $99)

    2. A Wonder Hanger organizer to maximize the storage space in your closet by creating more room to hang up your favorite clothes. Now you can stop looking for a more expensive apartment with bigger closets!

    wonder hanger with five collared shirts on it

    Promising review: "I ordered two packs and this was enough to do my wardrobe, my fiance's, and my child's into one closet with some left over! I am TRULY Impressed! Will be buying again when I move!" –jamie

    Price: $14.99 for a pack of 10 (originally $24.98)

    3. A Magic Bullet mini-blender that can whip up homemade smoothies, salsas, or sauces in a few seconds flat. You'll never want to buy that store-bought stuff again.

    magic bullet mini blender with guacamole in it with a person drinking a cocktail in the background

    Promising review: "It"s a compact device which serves every purpose of blending, chopping and uses less space for storage too! For a student like me, it's one of the best recommended purchases!" –Meghna

    Price: $22.96

    4. An under-bed shoe bag to protect your shoes from damage and dust, thus prolonging the life of your favorite heels.

    a zippered shoe bag with 12 pairs of shoes in it

    Promising review: "Excellent storage for shoes that you don't have room for in your closet and that are seasonal. You can store during fall." –Julie

    Price: $19.99

    5. A smart TV equipped with Roku so you can finally cut that cable cord and easily access all of your favorite streaming services, getting your full money's worth out of them.

    roku TV mounted on a wall in a bedroom

    Promising review: "The LED TV is sleek and quite easy to set-up and navigate. The TV has an integrated Roku app, which helps connect to various popular streaming services. After having used a standalone Roku device, this provides a very integrated experience. The TV comes with a simple to assemble mount and a Roku integrated remote with batteries. With the Roku app on your mobile device, you can turn your device into the ultimate streaming companion." – atomanu2atomanu2

    Price: $108

    6. A double-hanging garment rack that's the perfect solution for anyone with a tiny closet. This way, you'll actually see all of your nicer clothes and wear them enough to get your money's worth.

    gray rolling garment rack with clothes and shoes on it

    Promising review: "These are the best-ever racks. I bought one last year in a rush to store snowmobile gear over the summer. I was so happy with the quality, that I bought two more this year for additional storage of other garments and coats. The two shelves (bottom, used to store larger items such as boots, helmets etc...) and at the top (this shelf is also very helpful to store stacked boxes, other smaller containers of gloves, scarves etc...). Assembly is so easy and quick. This is truly a great investment and I highly recommend for those who need extra storage space or are just plain crazy regarding organization!" –Keith

    Price: $59

    7. A slim Keurig single-serve coffee maker so you can kick your daily habit of going out and buying an overpriced latte.

    keurig coffee maker pouring coffee into an orange coffee mug

    Promising review: "I received the Keurig K-mini Single serve coffee maker and I'm loving it. It is perfect for a smaller kitchen or someone who doesn't like a lot of clutter on their counter. All you need to do is add water to your reservoir and pop in a K-cup pod, press the brew button, and minutes later you're in business. A great feature about this K-mini is you can travel with it, it's very portable and you can set it up anywhere there is an outlet to plug it in. I would recommend this Keurig K-mini single-serve coffee to anyone who is looking to get a coffee maker without a lot of space; it's well worth the price." –eyecandymena

    Price: $79.99

    8. A popcorn maker that just uses air to cook up your popcorn on movie night. Plus: it's so much more cost-efficient to buy a big bag of kernels to use with this instead of buying those microwave bags.

    red nostalgia popcorn maker with popped popcorn in a bowl in front of it

    Promising review: "Very good quality!!! So easy to use, plug it in and push the switch on or off. I knew this was coming so I was prepared, lol. Bought the popcorn kernels, a jug of popcorn butter flavored oil and a topping to sprinkle on (my husband and son like lots of butter flavor). Measure how much according to directions on popcorn ( if you use too much it will lift the top off of the popper). Lift the lid and pour it in, replace lid and turn on. Kids will love watching it pop; just don't forget to put a big bowl underneath. You can also put butter in the lid top and it will melt while corn is popping then just pour it on. I highly recommend this product!" –CherriF

    Price: $14.99

    9. A garment steamer that easily gets rid of wrinkles in your clothes and is also said to kill more than 99% of germs and bacteria with the steam. Think of all the money you'll save on dry-cleaning with the help of this lil' guy!

    person using a white steamfast garment steamer to dewrinkle a blue shirt

    Promising review: "This compact garment steamer is the perfect life saver. It can easily fit in luggage to take on the go. It is very light even holding almost 12 ounces of water and has a no-slip grip handle area. It is easy to fill with a simple twist on and off top and a simple on and off switch located on the top. It is ready to go within minutes and the steam is continuous. It's easy to maneuver. The nozzle is wide enough to cover a good amount of area in a small time. I got the wrinkles out of a dress in less than eight minutes. You can steam out curtains for seasonal change or freshen up a dry clean-only suit super fast with out burning or ruining it. The cord is average length so make sure your garment is close enough to reach." –jojorenee

    Price: $14.88

    10. A robot vacuum because all you have to do is touch one button and watch while it vacuums for you. If that's not a smart investment in saving yourself both time *and* money, I don't know what is.

    ionvac robot vacuum going up on a rug

    Promising review: "I have had this for almost two weeks now and I love it! I programmed it to clean every day and so far it have done the work. It returns to the stations when battery is at approximately 10%. Recommended!" –Carol

    Price: $99 (originally $179.88)

    11. Or this handheld cordless vacuum for cleaning up all those hard-to-reach corners in your house or car. With an extra-large dust bin and a long battery life, it's such a phenomenal vacuum you won't need to buy another for years!


    Promising review: "This is the best dust buster we've had so far. It has two power settings, very powerful and picks up everything! Love the longer nozzle so you can get into every nook and cranny." –SKZS

    Price: $59 (originally $69)

    12. A set of food storage containers because it's time you stopped wasting money on single-use plastic zip bags and invested in something durable that will last for years.


    Promising review: "These are perfect for leftovers. I love the fact that there are different sizes and the lids are great as they have a top you can push to let the air out after you've closed the lid. Love them. I'd buy them again." –Lamone

    Price: $22.70 for a 28-piece set

    13. An office chair with lumbar support to keep your back protected and feeling good, even after a 12-hour WFH day. Nobody's got time to go to the chiropractor these days!

    black office chair at a desk

    Promising review: "I bought this for replace my old one. This chair is very sturdy and easy to assembly, Also, its design makes me very comfortable. This chair is affordable and with high quality. Furthermore, the back is very breathable. Great chair, and it totally fits my need." –DC

    Price: $49.99+ (originally $69; available in six colors)

    14. An electric wine opener so you can stop breaking corks with a flimsy corkscrew and sacrificing unsuspecting bottles of wine. You just want to get what you paid for, for goodness' sake!


    Promising review: "I bought this for my elderly father, since he had been having trouble opening wine, and he loves it! It really helps and he likes the wine stopper having a pour function. I would definitely recommend this product if you have trouble opening wine!" –Jessica

    Price: $21.13 (originally $28.95)

    15. A BISSELL SpotClean carpet cleaner that lifts set-in stains like food spills and pet accidents with ease. You'll essentially get a professional carpet cleaning at a fraction of the cost.

    person using a bissell spot cleaner to clean up a carpet stain

    Promising review: "Great little machine! Powerful suction yet small to easily move around and store. Love the fact it has a tool to clean out the tubes for after messy jobs. Highly recommend this affordable product to those with kids and pets!" –Thomas

    Price: $119

    16. A knife sharpener so you can keep your knives as razor-sharp as the day you bought them even after years of chopping.

    person using an electric knife sharpener to sharpen a chef's knife

    Promising review: "This has been the easiest process to get super sharp knives. I can't imagine having a functional kitchen without it. Knives are razor sharp with just a few swipes." –CandiCrush

    Price: $29.97 (originally $39.90)

    17. A bottle of Old English scratch cover that restores damaged floors and hides scratches and nicks in kitchen cabinets and furniture, prolonging their life so you won't have to replace them.


    Promising review: "I love Old English scratch cover for dark wood. It brought back the beauty of my cherry antique desk which had experienced many scares from a move. Thanks for a wonderful product." –Blackeysue2

    Price: $4.82

    18. A package of weather stripping seal to keep your house protected from chilly drafts in the winter. It'll keep heat in and your electric bill low.

    person applying a weather stripping seal onto a door frame

    Promising review: "If you're patient, and take your time putting this stripping up correctly, you will not believe the difference. Literally night and day. The drafty door was so bad we were going to invest in a good storm door, then put this stripping up and the draft is completely gone! Even passes the candle test. We couldn't believe how brilliantly this stuff works." –ABH2

    Price: $4.45

    19. A white noise machine that'll drown out the sounds of rowdy neighbors or loud construction so you can finally get a good night's sleep — a feat that is truly priceless.

    gray white noise machine sitting on a dresser in a bedroom

    Promising review: "This sound machine product does an exceptional job and it really blocks out noises. I have a nearby warehouse noise issue (forklifts that make annoying 'beeping' sounds sometimes throughout the night) that was waking me up at times. I bought this machine and it works incredibly! I am now able to sleep like a baby through the whole night and do not hear the beeping anymore." –epmnj

    Price: $38.86+ (originally $59.95; available in four colors)

    20. A drain snake to get all those hair clogs out of your bathroom sink and bathtub drain yourself instead of having to call the plumber.


    Promising review: "Omgosh! I have had a slow tub drain for years. I have used every product I could find and spent so much money before. For a couple of bucks, Dr. Rooter fixed the slow drain in a few minutes! Absolutely shocked at how fast and easy this was to fix! 10000% recommend." –Elizabeth

    Price: $2.94 for two (originally $4.79)

    21. A brown sugar container that has a terra cotta ring in it to prevent your brown sugar from clumping up and becoming hard as a rock.

    a progressive brown sugar keeper with the packaging

    Promising review: "The sugar I placed in this container was lumpy with many very hard and solid clumps of brown sugar. Some were like rocks! I soaked the terra cotta insert as directed and then decided to just attach it back in the lid, instead of placing it on or in the sugar, as directed. I waited a day or so and checked. Sure enough, the brown sugar had softened completely. I don't think there was one hard clump! I have used the sugar a couple times since and it has remained soft." –Peacockrules

    Price: $11.39

    22. A sofa slipcover to give new life to an ugly hand-me-down couch without having to reupholster it. It's also machine-washable, so you can easily remove it and throw it in the laundry machine if anyone spills.

    gray slipcover over a couch sitting in the middle of a room

    Promising review: "Best $30 I've spent in a while. Love the soft textured grid material. Couch is 84" long, and this cover fits perfectly Very stretchy, easy to put on. Stops my cats from sharpening their claws on my new couch. Yay! I got the darker gray, which matches the color of my couch." –OneForMoneyTwoForShow

    Price: $33.99+ (available in two sizes and 13 colors)

    23. A cast-iron skillet that's so versatile, you might as well store it on your stove top because you're going to use it every day to sauté, bake, broil, fry, or grill.

    a steak being cooked in a cast iron skillet

    Promising review: "This is the first cast-iron pan I have owned but so far I am enjoying using it. Food doesn't stick and it is easy to clean. The pan itself is a high quality product and the price was very reasonable. I definitely recommend getting a cast-iron pan versus a nonstick product. I kept having to buy new ones as the bottom kept curving due to heat." –jan

    Price: $19.92 (originally $39.50)

    24. A bidet attachment to get your hiney super clean, no toilet paper required. Hey, if it works for the Europeans, we might as well give it a try!

    white porcelain toilet with a white bidet attachment

    Promising review: "I have always wanted a bidet but had not bought one because of the huge expense plus the rest of the family wasn't convinced. Toilet paper shortages in March 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, allowed me to convince everyone that a bidet would be a good idea. First, we could save on toilet paper used and second, it would be much more sanitary. It was super easy to install, taking just minutes from start to finish. Once installed everyone lined up to try it, suffice it to say, it was a win! Thanks to the BioBidet SlimEdge everyone has a clean bum in this house, and we use very little toilet paper. All three of our bathrooms now have one!" –hisbonics

    Price: $60.08 (originally $79.99)

    25. A mini projector that'll make you feel like you're at the movie theater without leaving your house. You can even use this outside for an under-the-stars viewing experience.

    a white projector on top of a stack of books

    Promising review: This was one of the best ever theater type experience ever for me and my guest. I hooked it up in my theater/game room and the sound, quality, and playing experience was out of this world. I played it on my 100-foot plain white wall and dimmed the lighting and it was breathtaking. It fully fills the entire screen/white wall with full color and awesome quality experience." –JJH

    Price: $79

    26. A water flosser to clean out all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your teeth, to spare you future fillings on cavities. Your dentist will be so impressed with how healthy your mouth looks on your next visit.

    black water flosser sitting on top of a bathroom counter

    Promising review: "It does a fantastic job for me I wish I had bought one years ago. I have a couple of crowns that can be troublesome and sometimes even though I floss it's hard to keep them as clean as I would like. The Waterpik does a fantastic job without causing undue irritation or pain. Still use the regular floss but this makes the process so much easier and better. Also it's the perfect size for me. My bathroom is rather small and It just fits my situation perfectly. Highly recommended." –TLD21

    Price: $58.47 (originally $64.97)

    27. A mini portable washing machine that will be a lifesaver for anyone living in a tiny apartment with no in-unit machines. With this, annoying trips to and from the laundromat can be a thing of the past.

    a white portable washing machine seen from the top

    Promising review: "This washer looks small but is not. This is perfect for small areas. I live in NYC in a very small apartment and is perfect. Washing cycle is very good. And it's money saving. Also this 1.6 washer does better work than regular washer at the laundry room. I would recommend this machine even for a family of four. It makes laundry cost almost nothing. I used to spend over a $120 a month to do laundry. With this machine cost went down to maybe $10 a month. Consider this machine for regular clothes." –Lewis

    Price: $257.49

    28. A gel memory foam hybrid mattress to make you feel like you're sleeping on clouds. It'll also provide better support for any aching joints or bad backs, which may save you more than a few trips to the doctor.

    white gel memory foam hybrid mattress with pillows and a blanket on top

    Promising review: "I ordered this mattress for my 10-year-old son. He had been sleeping on a bunk bed mattress and I wanted him to have more support. The mattress was delivered in a box and was vacuum sealed very nicely. I cut open the plastic and was pleasantly surprised. Within 30 seconds it filled out and I could tell that it was comfortable and good quality. My son fell in love with it immediately. I would definitely recommend this product." –Shavon

    Price: $104.99+ (available in mattress sizes twin to California king and three heights)

    29. A set of wool dryer balls that's an all-natural alternative to costly dryer sheets and can reduce static and wrinkles for more than 1,000 loads.

    two wool dryer balls sitting in a laundry basket with a towel

    Promising review: "These seem to work really well. I put two in with a medium-size load of laundry and everything came out great with no static. I can't wait to try them with essential oils added. If they last for 1,000 loads of laundry then they will save some money while being eco-friendly so it's a win-win." –Stacey

    Price: $4.88

    30. A compact air purifier to catch all those dust particles that float around your house and make you sneeze. Anyone with allergies or asthma will greatly benefit from this since it'll keep you healthier and away from expensive doctor's visits.

    black air purifier inside a living room with bright furniture

    Promising review: "I've had this product since April and it has proven to be the best thing ever for my oldest son who has asthma it keeps the air in his room clean and purified. I use it to clean the air in my home. It has been a good thing to have especially for my household of asthmatics keep the air clear for them." –charyea

    Price: $63

    31. And finally, a countertop ice maker because buying bags of ice every few days is not only expensive, it's just annoying! And heavy!

    red icemaker on the counter next to bottles of water and glasses

    Promising review: "Everyone in my family loves utilizing this ice maker and the little ones are always excited to help refill the water. My favorite feature is the ice being produced in as little as six minutes and the fact that this ice maker can produce 26 pounds in 24 hours. It's perfect if you have an ice-loving family like I have. The bullet shaped cubes fit well into any size glass. Also, the ice is made so quietly that I tend to forget it's even turned on. There is also an ice shovel included in the box which makes serving up your ice super efficient." –Chance

    Price: $99 (originally $117.62)

    You, enjoying all that money you've saved thanks to these products:

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