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    27 Things From Amazon That’ll Never Stop Being Useful If You Have A Pet Reptile

    Cleaning products, basking lamps, and fun greenery that will keep your reptile the happiest little cold-blooded animal in the world.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A step ledge for reptiles to crawl on top of when they're feeling like being sociable. And when they feel like hiding away from the world (relatable), they can hang out underneath.

    Promising review: "I love this and my gecko does. She likes to hide under it when she's awake and it's great exercise for her while hunting. She goes after crickets on top of it and under it, it's a perfect size for her and it looks fantastic! I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend." –J. King

    Price: $12.90+ (available in three sizes)

    2. An extra-large reptile terrarium with a ventilation screen on top, a waterproof bottom, and a front sliding door that you can easily open whenever you need to feed them or just want to give them a little pet!

    big reptile terrarium on top of cabinet

    Promising review: "Was honestly nervous having this item shipped from Amazon, but it arrived perfect very well double boxed and packed with foam. Assembly was super easy about 10 minutes total. Would recommend to anyone wanting to upgrade to a bigger tank. We upgraded from a standard 40 breeder. The front sliding glass makes servicing the tank so much easier than having to go in from the top. Buy with confidence!!" –Mary Reyes

    Price: $399.99 (originally $579.99)

    3. Or this modern-looking smaller tank that's much more lightweight than traditional tanks. It has a built-in raised platform with a food tray and a mesh top that can be removed if you want to add a lamp.

    white reptile tank with a clear front and two lamps on the top

    Promising review: "I purchased this for my grandson's birthday present which his mom decided was a tortoise. Maggie (the tortoise) fits in my hand right now and it was absolutely perfect! It's light and he can watch his tortoise through the plexiglass. He loves it!!" –Kimberly K.

    Price: $88.99 (available in two colors)

    4. An adjustable lizard leash with adorable wings so you can let your reptile explore outside without getting lost.,

    Promising review: "The smallest size collar leash was perfect for my frilled lizard. Easy to put on. Much easier to remove. Secure. The leash has many snap-ons that are very useful in some situations." —Jon

    Price: $7.99 (available in two colors)

    5. A fluorescent light bulb for tropical terrariums that emits UVB light, which helps your reptile process and absorb calcium. It'll also keep them happy and active!,

    Promising review: "I bought this to use for my crested gecko. Works great! Came packaged well and undamaged. Bulb was not cracked or broken in any way. Have been using for a few months now and it has held up great. Bright enough to see everything but not too bright to overpower. Color is a crisp white. Needed UVB for my crested gecko's health. She is much more active and colors are more bold with this type of lighting. Would highly recommend!" –TAB

    Price: $10.83+ (available in two different wattages)

    6. A "floating island" that your turtle can climb on top of when they want to bask in their lamp's glow. Don't worry: it attaches to the side of the tank so your turtle will feel comfortable chilling out for hours.


    Promising review: "I guess I didn't know what to actually expect out of this, but it's a great product for any turtle setup. Fits perfectly on one of the sidewalls of a typical cheap aquarium. What I was surprised by was the fact the suction cups go on little rails that suction onto the glass. There are two holes through the platform that the rails go that way the platform can float freely on the surface and adjust based on water level. Awesome product and my turtle loves it!" –Joshie McLovemuffin

    Price: $12.99

    7. A packet of compressed forest moss grown in tropical Asia to increase humidity when it's set at the bottom of terrariums. It also creates a perfect place for your reptile to lay their eggs and incubate them.,

    Promising review: "This stuff is awesome. I initially ordered it for our box turtles. It expanded so much upon adding water, I didn't need to use a whole lot. As I was spreading it out in their tank, they 'ran' to it (as fast as box turtles can run...). It does smell like something from the forest, I think that's what drew them to it. They LOVE burying themselves in it. Super soft, expands and holds moisture really well. I just mist it now and then with warm water in areas that have dried out but it's not even weekly I've had to do that. I liked it so much, I tried it out for our ball python. He absolutely loves it as well: buries himself in it and tunnels through his tank with ease. It holds heat for him really well and he seems to prefer hanging out in it above any place else!" –kmgal

    Price: $6.99

    8. A lounger that's basically a lil' hammock for your lizard friend. It's handwoven from seagrass fiber, and you can position it anywhere in their terrarium, even high up near their basking light.


    Promising review: "This is a great hammock! We have a baby bearded dragon and after we put this in his tank; it is his favorite spot to chill. Super easy to clean: we just rinse it with hot water once a week. Amazing suction, never falls." –CanadayVibes

    Price: $9.28

    9. A screen cover to protect anything from falling into your reptile tank while also allowing for maximum UV penetration.,

    Promising review: "Great cover, perfect fit for my 20 gallon aquarium. I was slightly worried because the dimensions listed are not large enough for the plastic edge at the top of the aquarium, but the extension of the metal edges makes it fit over the top. Covers the entire aquarium top, and with screen clips I am confident my snake cannot escape. The screen is strong and smooth, with no metal edges sticking out anywhere that could potentially harm a pet." –Laura Miller

    Price: $27

    10. A thermometer that sticks firmly to the inside of your reptile's case and has an easy-to-read gauge in both Fahrenheit and Celsius so you can make sure the air is the perfect temperature to keep your reptile comfortable and content.

    Promising review: "I've needed a better thermometer for my son's Blue Tongued Skink tank to ensure her hot side is hot enough and her cool side is cool enough. I can't afford all those expensive thermometers, and when I found this one the price was right in my budget. I got two, one for the cool side and one for the hot side, and they work great! Now I can ensure both her hot side and cool side are the right temperatures to keep her happy and comfortable." –Rachel

    Price: $3.93

    11. A waterproof jungle vine you can twist and bend throughout a terrarium to create climbing obstacles for your reptile. They'll get their exercise in, and you'll be able to snap a cute picture as they scurry around.,

    Promising review: "I've been using Exo Terra Vines for my gecko tank since 2004. They're great quality and perfect for adding extra climbing terrain above his cave, as well as making the whole environment look a lot less empty. The texture looks and feels very realistic, and has a really good grip. Highly recommended! The large size comes packaged as one reeeeally long bendable tube. Since I only have a 10-gallon tank, I prefer to fold it in half, twist the 'legs' together, and loop it around in a loose spiral to maximize the space. Sometimes I make interesting kinks and shapes to change up the look, but mainly so *I* don't get bored. My leopard gecko couldn't care less – he's happy as long as he can poop from a decent altitude. :p The smaller sized vines don't need to be twisted the same way unless you want added sturdiness for heavier lizards." –Ari B.

    Price: $10.55

    12. Or this pack of fake vines to place all over your reptile's tank to make it feel as homey as possible. They'll instantly slither or crawl over to explore their new decoration the second you place it in.,

    Promising review: "I love it. My ball python sleeps in his hide all the time, and the second I stuck this vine in, he came out to check out this new thing and poke it around. He is clearly full of wonder, and so I love it. I bought two more and strung it all around my other snake enclosures. The suction cups are basically useless with a heavier reptile, so just take those off and drape it around the branches. I also cut one in half and put half in one snake's enclosure, and put the other half in another enclosure. THE BEST." –Joanne

    Price: $7.03+

    13. A pack of dehydrated river shrimp that make a great protein source for your turtle. Give them a few of these with every meal, and start watching them grow big and strong.

    package of dehydrated shrimp for turtles

    Promising review: "Since I ordered these, my red-eared slider will frantically swim up to me when I come in and shake the snack bag. He was originally very shy and would hide when I would come in the room to feed or visit him, but now will actually take the shrimp from being hand-fed. (I pinch one end of the shrimp in my index and thumb and the other end slightly in the water). He gobbles them up no problem. two to three shrimp in the morning and evening make for a happy turtle!" –Will R

    Price: $8.99 (or Subscribe & Save for $8.54/month)

    14. A supplement designed to make sure your reptile is getting all the calcium they need to build strong bones and stay healthy. The supplement contains vitamin D3 that's especially beneficial for indoor reptiles.

    person holding up a container of fluker's repta calcium

    Promising review: "If you have lizards who need calcium (and many do require it) this is a very good value for the money. I sprinkle a little out onto the upturned bottom of the lid, swipe my mealworms or superworms through it, and then put it in their dish. I would absolutely advise giving a calcium supplement of some kind, whether it is this, or one that you can add to water (bearded dragons do NOT see standing water, which is why I dust their food with this). Should last a very long time. Do you critters a favor and give them everything they need, and this is definitely one thing that they need!" –David W

    Price: $2.69

    15. A habitat cleaner with a scrubber brush so you can get into every crevice of your reptile's tank and accessories and leave no piece of algae or gunk behind. The organic cleaner is made out of natural enzymes so it deodorizes at the same time.

    The bottle of superscrub with a brush at the end of it

    Promising review: "Worked wonders. I just adopted a 5' king snake from someone who hadn't cleaned its tank in what appeared to be months/over a year. Man, the smell and the crusted on grime was just awful. It took about an hour and half the bottle but now the tank is squeaky clean and doesn't smell at all! The ability to squeeze out more cleaner into the scrub brush as you're scrubbing makes a huge difference. 10/10, will buy again!" –M. R.

    Price: $5.07

    16. A wound spray that treats any cuts, sores, or skin irritations your reptile might get. The spray won't burn at all, so you don't have to worry about making them even more uncomfortable as you're nursing them to health.

    Promising review: "My rescue Beardie has a skin condition and my vet recommend this stuff! It cleared her bumps within a few weeks. It's also good for keeping their skin healthy when they're going through a difficult shed." –Lauren

    Price: $14.24

    17. A moss ball to control algae and odor by trapping chemicals like phosphate and nitrite. The water in your tank will stay crystal clear, and each ball lasts up to two months.

    moss ball exo terra package

    Promising review: "We get these moss balls for my daughter's turtle tank. I have to say I was a little bit skeptical that this moss ball would really help our stinky tank problem but it has. I can now go at least a month (or more) between tank cleaning, when before we started using the moss balls I was changing/cleaning the turtle tank every 5-10 days due to the nasty turtle smell. I will continue to purchase the Exo Terra Moss balls for our turtle tank, and would recommend them to others with similar smelly problems." –Leslie

    Price: $2.47

    18. A "spring cave" with running water that creates an internal humidity chamber for your reptile to climb into when it feels like soaking in that moist air. Plus: the neon lights inside the cave make it look so cool in their tank.

    reptile cave with blue light inside

    Promising review: "I purchased this for my son’s crested gecko for Christmas. My son loves it. It keeps the humidity at a constant 60%. The pump is very quiet and the blue light is nice. It’s built in three layers. The bottom third holds the water reserve and the pump. The middle piece has the cave hole. There is a tube that goes up the left hand side from the the pump down below. It then connects to a tube that stretched across the top and the vines hang down from. There are small holes where the vines attach and water dribbles down from. The top third has a divot with a dish. The dish it comes with is really nice quality." –jessica Battas

    Price: $53.94

    19. A pair of tongs so you can easily feed your reptile while they are still in their tank or terrarium. Nobody wants to hold crickets or mealworms with their hands!!!

    two stainless steel tongs: one straight and one curved

    Promising review: "Great product! Works great for picky eaters that need to be fed individually. They are longer so they can reach the bottom of my tank without getting my hands dirty. Overall very satisfied. They are stainless so they should last through element. Definitely recommend them." –Russell Brian

    Price: $6.96+ for two (available in two lengths)

    20. A thermostat with a temperature probe that goes inside the tank to make sure your reptile is warm enough or that your reptile isn't getting overheated. It'll keep you confident that you have control over their environment.,

    Promising review: "If you use any type of heating element for your pet, and that product does not have a readable thermostat... buy this! It’s extremely important, those heating elements are not reliable and can overheat your animals. This devise has a probe to go in the tank, or between a heating mat and the tank wall. The probe reads the temperature, and you can set a shut off limit. Once the temp reaches that, it will shut the elements off that you have plugged into the thermostat. It makes regulating you reptiles tank temp much easier!" –Cori Madison

    Price: $18.99

    21. A reptile drinking fountain that provides your reptile with a continuous stream of fresh water. It also helps raise the humidity levels in their tank.

    green reptile drinking fountain with water flowing through it

    Promising review: "Just added this feature to his habitat today. Before I was misting it about 7 to 10 times a day to give him enough water. I feel like he was constantly thirsty and needed more. I barely finished putting it in his habitat and he was immediately down by it crawling and drinking water from it. He’s a baby veiled only a few months old, and even though he is tiny I felt safe him being around the water. The catcher at the bottom has a light sponge and does not hold a body of water, so there’s no fear of them drowning or getting too wet. He absolutely loves it and perches up next to it, I think he loves listening to the water. You can’t hear the motor at all just a light trickle from the waterfall. I put other plants and vines around it to give him extra structure to hold onto while he drinks. He’s currently perched by it falling asleep! We are so happy and this was an amazing buy!!" –Olivia Macdonald

    Price: $37.87

    22. A heat pad you can place underneath your reptile's tank or terrarium so the heat is distributed evenly throughout their habitat.

    reptile heat pad with adjustable temperature knob

    Promising review: "Bought this for my bearded dragon and he loves it. I put it under his cave and it's perfect for keeping him warm while he sleeps. Would recommend to anyone who has a reptile." –Ryan Patrick Runnels

    Price: $13.99

    23. A lamp that comes with a clip that easily attaches to the side of their tank. It also has 360-degree rotation so you can point it toward wherever your reptile is currently lounging.

    black reptile lamp pointing toward tank

    Promising review: "This light was exactly what I needed for my turtle habitat. My turtle's shell was starting to get soft and I looked it up and realize it was because he had lack of exposure to sunlight. So my next move was to find a solution. Addition to getting him vitamins I also searched for a UVA UVB light. I was a little apprehensive when making my purchase because I was not sure how large the light would be but it fit perfectly. For my small turtle I leave the light on anywhere from six to eight hours each day." –Mimi

    Price: $24.99

    24. A plastic hide box for your gecko or snake to crawl underneath when they're feeling shy. It also adds dimension to their tank by giving them an elevated surface to explore, which gets them closer to their basking light.,

    Promising review: "My ball python loves her new hide. Ever since I purchased it, it’s become her favorite spot to hang out in her home. Really easy to clean, plenty of room and keeps in humidity which makes shedding easy for my snake." –Edward

    Price: $5.99+ (available in seven sizes)

    25. A hygrometer, which is essential for any reptile because it measures the humidity of the tank. Reptiles thrive in moist environments, so it's important to check that their tank feels as tropical as possible.


    Promising review: "I use this for my red tail boa’s tank. This is very accurate, easy to read, and updates in real time. The velcro has stayed stuck on the tank for a month now. I would purchase again." –Anonymous Reviewer

    Price: $15.99

    26. An odor eliminator and cleaner because as much as we love our reptiles, they can get a little stinky at times!

    person holding up the no scent odor eliminator and cleaner above the reptile tank

    Promising review: "I was skeptical at first when I bought this but this stuff is great! I have a crested geckos who's about two so she's pretty big and stinks up her terrarium often. I sprayed down the hides, plants, and substrate and the smell literally went away instantly! It keeps me from having to completely clean out her terrarium once a week now. I can just clean everything every once in a while and not worry about the ammonia smell harming her!" –Amazon Customer

    Price: $12.99+ (available in four sizes)

    27. And finally, a fogger that emits a cool mist into your reptile's tank, which allows them to thrive in the thick, humid air. It's also compatible with a wide range of tanks.,

    Promising review: "My chameleon loves this! Great for me because I work long shifts and am away from my chameleon for around 9 hours. Now she's getting the proper humidity for 12+ hours (without needing to be refueled). For people who don't know this is essentially a water vaporizer. It's vaporizing the water traveling through the tube, and out the other end is a fog/vapor looking smoke. If the fog is close enough to a stick or twig it will eventually build up and start dripping a little. Your reptile will have a constant supply to fresh whatever 100% of the time! This is way better than a reptile dripper or mister because it's essentially both of them, combined into one Super easy to refill and VERY quiet." –Amazon Customer

    Price: $45.99

    Reptiles might not be as cuddly as cats or dogs, but trust us: after you've treated them to these useful products, they'll love you to the ends of the earth.


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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