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    31 Inexpensive Infomercial Products From Walmart People Actually Swear By

    These As Seen on TV and Shark Tank products actually work, and they'll make your life a whole lot easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Drop Stop car seat gap filler so you won't keep losing your phone or coins in that pesky little gap between your car seat and the center console.

    person inserting a drop stop car gap filler on the top and french fries coins and a phone being stopped by the drop stop

    Promising review: "This is one of those 'Why didn't I think of that?' products. It solves a problem that everyone with a car has had: items dropped between the seats and center console. I bought two of these at a brick-and-mortar Walmart and was so happy, I ordered another eight sets for each car in the (extended) family online. Four sets have been installed so far in different model cars and each works perfectly." –WalmartCustomer

    Price: $12.88

    2. A Scrub Daddy that's as cute as it is useful. This high-tech tool becomes a firm sponge under cold water and a soft scrubber under hot water. And it stays odor-free for eight weeks unlike traditional sponges.

    scrub daddy sponge on a dirty casserole dish

    Promising review: "Can't do without my Scrub Daddy! I use them in my kitchen on my pots and pans. They don't scratch them. I use them in the bathroom too." –wandag

    Price: $13.33 for a four pack

    3. A Squatty Potty that will elicit a good laugh when you see it, but when you realize it'll actually help you poop more comfortably, it'll become one of your favorite purchases.

    white squatty potty with blue label on it

    Promising review: "My husband laughed at me about the Squatty Potty until he tried it and discovered it really does help going. Now every time we see the commercial we are reminded that this may look different but this really helps to go. Definitely worth having and easy to store away on its side or against the toilet." –lauralig

    Price: $30.89

    4. A door step perfect for anyone who loves to go camping and needs to secure their gear on top of the car.


    Promising review: "This simple device is awesome! Great for securing kayaks on a taller vehicle." –Joanne

    Price: $44.95

    5. A Rocketbook Fusion smart notebook that you can reuse over and over again by uploading the notes to any cloud service and then wiping the pages clean with a damp cloth.

    person writing in a rocketbook fusion smart notebook on a desk

    Promising review: "A perfect combination of planning and note-taking. This notebook has become my go-to for daily scheduling, task-making, and general reminders. Plus: it's reusable! Get one!" –NumberNine

    Price: $35

    6. A set of noise-cancelling ear plugs – they're so comfortable, you'll forget you're even wearing them. This would also be a great gift for anyone working from home and is having trouble concentrating in a loud environment.

    person holding Vibes earplugs in their hands

    Promising review: "Arrived quickly and earplugs are comfortable. I need to block out loud noises due to POTS syndrome and these will work great as a teacher who does lunch duty and during other loud events. You can still hear people talking to you which is exactly what I needed." –Debbie

    Price: $23.98

    7. A handsfree baby bottle holder that new parents will appreciate so much because they'll finally have a free hand when they're feeding their child.


    Promising review: "The Beebo is so useful. During these hard times I've been lucky enough to keep my job. My husband on the other hand was laid off. He uses the Beebo with our infant while playing with our 3-year-old. Really the Beebo has been a blessing for us." –andrew

    Price: $29.98 (available in two colors)

    8. A detangling hairbrush with 428 bristles of varying heights, which disperses the pressure on your head while reducing hair loss and breakage.

    green detangling brush with a black handle

    Promising review: "I bought this brush three weeks ago in hopes of ending my tangled hair frenzies. I have spots of my head that get easily tangled and it was becoming a daily annoyance. The next thing I knew, I started using this brush: ouchless, no breakage and works like a charm, 100%!!! Definitely would recommend for long hair. So worth it." –Sabby85

    Price: $11.25 (originally $14.88)

    9. A rolling cart for anyone who lives in a big city and needs to carry their groceries or laundry multiple blocks. When you're not using it, it folds up for easy storage.

    black rolling smart cart with cleaning supplies in it

    Promising review: "This is the second time I have purchased a Smart Cart. A friend where I live had been using the Smart Cart each week for grocery shopping. Here I was struggling with several canvas bags hurting my shoulders, arms, and hands. I asked my friend about it and she said she had hers for over two years with no problems. She said the wheels had never broken or needed replacement. I decided this was what I needed and have had mine for over a year." –4grandsons

    Price: $31.24 (available in three colors)

    10. A Turbie Twist hair towel that's made out of a soft but absorbent material and has a twist and loop system that will keep the towel in place as you move around.

    package of a turbie towel with a drawing of a person with a turbie towel on

    Promising review: "I have been using Turbie twists for years and even purchased some as gifts. I decided it was time to replace a couple of them that were worn due to daily use. Although the material has changed a bit since my original purchase, they are still very absorbent and stay firmly in place while I am getting ready in the morning. A must-have for anyone who gets frustrated when using a regular towel because they always fall off your head." –karghre

    Price: $4.98 (originally $16.98)

    11. A Top Ramen microwave cooker to evenly cook ramen in less than four minutes. The handles are heat-resistant, so you won't have to worry about burning your hands while handling hot ramen.

    person eating ramen noodles out of a microwave ramen maker

    Promising review: "As if ramen wasn't easy enough (isn't that one of its appeals?), this microwave cooker makes it even easier. It cooks perfectly and consistently. No need to waste electricity or gas boiling water. Three minutes and it's ready to eat. I loved it so much, I bought a second one for work. I highly recommend this product!" –Laura

    Price: $9.07

    12. A Bug Bite Thing that literally sucks out a bug's saliva or venom from a bug bite, which alleviates itching and swelling and gives the user instant relief.

    person holding up a white bug bite thing outside

    As someone who gets horrible bug bites every summer, this has been a lifesaver. You have to use it as soon as you get bit, so make sure you have one in your car, your purse, or anywhere that's easy to grab. It instantly takes away the itch and makes the bug bite heal almost instantly. You won't regret buying this once summer rolls around!

    Price: $29.95 for a pack of three

    13. A True Touch deshedding glove so you can pet and groom your dog or cat at the same time. Your pet will love how the grooves on this glove feels, and you'll be able to easily peel the hair off the glove to throw away.

    True Touch

    Promising review: "My pets love this!! He sees me get it out and put it on and he comes running to me. I love the amount of hair it gets out and no shedding mess. Love it; I won't ever be without it again!!" –Satisfied

    Price: $19.78

    14. A padlock that opens by fingerprint to make you feel like you're James Bond whenever you unlock a gym locker or a backpack.

    black benjilock fingerprint padlock on a locker

    Promising review: "This padlock was perfect for our needs. My husband tends to lose keys. The only thing I find a problem is that when trying to open the padlock by fingerprint, it may take several attempts before the lock recognizes your print. I just keep repositioning it until it opens. I love it." –Sandra

    Price: $49.99 (originally $69.99)

    15. A reusable silicone storage bag with an airtight seal that's dishwasher-, freezer-, boiling water-, oven-, and microwave-safe.

    green stasher bag in a package

    Promising review: "We are obsessed with Stasher bags! They are easy and convenient, and you can use them in so many different ways! Not only do we think they're way better than plastic bags, but we feel so much better about making the choice to build towards a better planet and less plastic waste! Thanks Stasher, we can't get enough!!!" –Jamie M.

    Price: $19.32

    16. A roll of Alien Tape – it can hold up to 17.5 pounds on virtually any surface and can be reused again and again. It's perfect for keeping rugs from sliding on hardwood floors or for hanging up picture frames.


    Promising review: "Best purchase for your money! This product does exactly as advertised. I would definitely recommend it. I feel like this product should always be kept handy! I actually used the tape as opposed to nails...less holes in the wall." –Chynna

    Price: $19.88

    17. A RoboTwist single-touch electric jar opener that works on any size jar you're struggling to open. That pesky salsa jar is no match for this genius device.

    person using the robotwist electric jar opener to open a jar of pasta sauce

    Promising review: "I live alone and have painful, arthritic hands. I know about several tricks to get jars open and I tried every single one of them several times to get the lid off of a large jar of olives; however, I just was unable to open it. I had thought about buying this RoboTwist Electric Jar Opener many times before, but finally did once I had this jar that I just could not open. This product opened the jar on the first try! I was amazed and now I'm very happy I have this product." –Onecookiegal

    Price: $19.99 (originally $39.99)

    18. A Wonder Hanger closet storage organizer to increase your storage space by allowing you to stagger your hanging clothes. Each hanger can hold up to 30 pounds.

    Wonder Hanger

    Promising review: "These hangers are stronger than any others that I have used. True advertising for sure. They truly can hold five winter sweaters or five sweatshirts with pants on one hanger without breaking." –Loretta

    Price: $14.99 for a pack of 10 (originally $24.98)

    19. A Nutri Chopper that can chop a whole vegetable in one motion. It comes with interchangeable slicing options so you can create thin or thick slices, wedges, or cubes.


    Promising review: "I'm in love with this Nutri Chopper. No more crying when I cut the onion! Saves a lot of time cutting the vegetables. Very easy to use and believe me it is very effective. The blades are sharp and cut the vegetables very easily; it can be cut into four different cuts and also comes with a small container where I can store what I cut in it! Highly recommended!!" –Tanya1987

    Price: $19.96

    20. A pet nail rotating file to safely and gently groom your pet's nails. Plus, the device catches the nails which makes the process mess-free.

    person using the pawperfect pet nail filer to cut a dog's nail

    Promising review: "Well worth the money . My Maltipoo and my Maltese just sat there and let me do all their nails. It costs less to do with this than taking my dogs to the groomer to get it done. Also has a light to help guide you, and it has sizes which you would choose depending the size of your dog's nails! What else can I say except I wish I would have found this sooner." –Tita4271971

    Price: $19.88

    21. A Spatty money-saving spatula so you can get every last drop out of your beauty products. Listen: you paid a pretty penny for that foundation, and this handy gadget will help you get your money's worth.

    person using pink spatty spatula to get foundation out of a bottle

    Promising review: "This is a gem! Helped me get out all of my expensive foundation easily. With this gem I was able to use all my product instead of wasting what I couldn't get inside of the bottle. With this spatula you're able to get all of the leftover product that you weren't able to get before. It gets it all!!" –Norma

    Price: $4.94

    22. A Calming Comfort cooling knee pillow to encourage proper alignment while you sleep, which reduces pressure and discomfort.

    person with perfect alignment while using the calming comfort knee pillow

    Promising review: "This is an awesome pillow. I was having trouble getting enough sleep because I would wake up throughout the night with pretty severe lower back and hip pain. This pillow is a miracle! I have not had this severe pain for the past few nights since using this. It works better than I expected. It has the perfect amount of softness and firmness so as not to flatten out, and it is shaped perfectly for comfort." –Jennifer

    Price: $17.99

    23. A nonstick baking pan with a built-in slicer so you can create 18 evenly sized brownies with one swift motion. This week's Star Baker prize has your name on it.

    copper brownie pan with 18 different decorated brownies

    Promising review: "This is a very incredible idea! I love the fact that the brownies are cut evenly, so no fight among our kids who gets a big slice. This is also easy to clean and looks very high end brownie pan. The thing l made a mistake is leaving the brownie slicer too long that the brownie sticks to it hard especially the brownie l made has caramel. I suggest taking the slicer out after about three to five minutes you let the brownie cool off." –jimjamster

    Price: $16.43 (originally $23.75)

    24. A Huggle Hoodie, which is basically a wearable blanket with a hood and fleece on the inside. You might laugh at the pictures, but you won't be laughing once you put it on and realize how comfy it is!

    two people wearing huggle hoodie while camping outside in the snow

    Promising review: "They are sooo soft and cozy! The first time I wore it to work, so many co-workers asked if they could pet it and wanted to know where I bought it. My daughter wears hers to college and doesn't want to take it off even when she gets a little too warm because she says it feels so good. My 17-year-old son practically lives in his. My husband is waiting for the weather to get colder before he wears his but I've already been informed that I need to get two for my niece and one for my daughter's boyfriend. *Warning*... if you plan on using this as loungewear, don't plan on getting anything done. You will be in 'lazy mode' until you force yourself to take it off." –Mom0505

    Price: $29.88

    25. An Egg Pod that cooks eggs using the microwave. You just simply shake the device to peel the shells, and you'll have perfect hard-boiled eggs every time.

    plastic eggpod that's cooking eggs inside

    Promising review: "So being quarantined, I had seen this on an infomercial. I bought it online and decided to give it a try. It works!! I honestly didn't know for sure it would, but it did. No green yolks. I now can make deviled eggs! I couldn't before because I would tear them up trying to peel off the shell and then yolks would be green despite my best efforts. This product is awesome!" –aaamom1991

    Price: $14.88

    26. A TubShroom bathtub drain protector to catch all of your hair from going down the drain. Just clean it out after every shower and you won't have to worry about any clogging.


    Promising review: "I have long thick hair and my shower drain was clogging all the time. I took out the existing drain and popped this in. Super easy. It totally catches so much hair and gunk (gross), but my drain hasn't clogged since. It does need to be cleaned frequently, but it is better than dealing with trying to snake out the drain." –Abby

    Price: $13.48

    27. A Pillow Pad that props your tablet or e-reader up so you can still marathon your favorite TV show or read your book while you're lying down or lounging on the couch.

    person using a burgundy pillow pad to use her ipad

    Promising review: "This is a surprisingly helpful tool for relieving hand pains related to holding my iPhone and Kindle. Makes reading much more enjoyable and it is easy to use both devices when they are on the pillow. The handy pouch can hold a stylus or anything else you might want when using either my phone or my tablet. I threw it in the dryer as recommended to remove the wrinkles which was easy and effective. This is a great product!!" –Connie

    Price: $19.88 (available in four colors)

    28. An Ove Glove, which offers heat protection up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit and is perfect for baking, grilling, or handling camp fires. The five-finger mobility makes it superior to that clunky oven mitt you hate using.


    Promising review: "Love, love, love these. My third set and still have others for years. Works better than a mitt. You can use all five fingers for better control. I wash and bleach mine. Has never torn, only little stretched at the wrist. Doesn't cause a problem with me. Gave my son a set and others. Will buy again." –Nancy

    Price: $19.89 for a pack of two (originally $29.44)

    29. A face and body brush that comes with four different brush attachments that all clean and exfoliate your skin in the shower with a rotating motion.

    person using a vanity planet exfoliating brush to clean skin in the shower

    Promising review: "I have always wanted to use a skin-cleansing system. As I have aged, I seem to have more acne. I don't know if it's the change in hormones or what. Anyhow, I have used the weekly brush three times and the daily brush five times. My face looks very clean and refreshed. I use it in my shower so easy peasy." –Jo112

    Price: $19.88

    30. A pack of lavender sani sticks to keep your drain and pipes clean and smelling great. Just drop one stick a month down the drain and it helps prevent backups, clogs, and nasty odors.

    person dropping a lavendar sani stick down a bathroom drain

    Promising review: "No more stink sink! I have had nonstop issues with our master bathroom sink since we moved in. It always had a sulphur/egg smell. It was AWFUL. We tried Drano, baking soda, vinegar, you name it. Nothing worked! I figured these were at least worth a shot." –mommytofive

    Price: $11.44 for a pack of 24 sticks

    31. A solar-powered spotlight that automatically turns on when it detects motion. It's also weather- and heat-resistant, so you can leave it outside all year long.

    bionic spotlight solar-powered light off on the left and on the right

    Promising review: "I have been looking for a floodlight for the front and rear of my house for convenience and security. So I got two and found the installation very easy and quick. The lights were fully powered the same day at sundown. The lights remain on after motion detected for about 30 seconds. A recent power outage allowed me to test the extent of lighting when I used our ping-pong table on our driveway for a fun evening while the house was in darkness. My 12-year-old son and I played for over an hour with nonstop brilliant light. I have since installed two more for the front for late day basketball in the driveway and it's like Madison Square Garden!" –Joseph

    Price: $19.88

    You when you realize all these products you've seen on TV before are actually genius and useful in real life:


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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