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    31 Home Items From Walmart You’ll Probably Be Glad You Bought Every Time You Use Them

    With savings on everything from home upgrades to new cookware to truly awesome and comfortable bedding, Walmart has everything you need heading into the holiday season to make your house a home.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sherpa throw blanket that is perfect for keeping your home looking cozy all winter long. There's never a bad time to pick up a few new cozy blankets so why not start now?

    The sherpa throw blanket in pink diamond

    Promising review: "This blanket is so soft and cozy! It came in the mail and my son instantly claimed it as his own. It's great quality and both sides are super soft. It will be highly sought over in the winter months to come. There were other patterns to choose from and any would be a great addition to our home. Highly recommend this blanket!" —MomOfFive

    Price: $14.93 (available in six colors)

    2. A plaid decorative pillow for the person who appreciates a good gingham pattern more than most. It's super comfortable and at 18"x18" it's sure to give good back support no matter what couch or chair you're using it on.

    The plaid decorative pillow in white

    Promising review: "Recently invested quite a bit of cash on a new gray couch. Needed to brighten it up with colorful throw pillows that would compliment the ones I already own. Did not want to drain the bank account further on throw pillows. These worked out really well! Very happy with my purchase! Thank you!" —Katie

    Price: $9.97 (available in six colors)

    3. A set of Scottish plaid sheets because it's a great way to get into the holiday spirit and make your home feel all fresh and new. We love plaid and if there ever was a time to decorate using it, it's now.

    The Scottish plaid sheets in green plaid

    Promising review: "The coloring is perfect and the material is very comfortable. I was very happy to find these flannel sheets." —emykaboom

    Price: $29.99+ (originally $36.29; available in three colors and three sizes)

    4. A heated blanket so you can stay warm all throughout the winter. It's made of solid microlight plush and it's machine-washable so if you spill on it it's no biggie.

    The heated plush blanket in gray

    Promising review: "This heated blanket is so soft and comfortable. The color is so beautiful! It heats well and has 20 different temperature settings. There's a perfect setting for everyone's comfort level! There's a 10-hour auto shut-off for safety purposes. This electric blanket is well made and durable. It's so nice because it is lightweight, yet very warm and ultra-soft! The wires inside the blanket are very flexible and lightweight. It warms up quickly and provides even heat. I love to cuddle up under this blanket and watch TV! I highly recommend it!" —Tracey99

    Price: $74.99+ (originally $117.99; available in eight colors and four sizes)

    5. A faux fur backrest pillow, perfect for those working from home aka working from bed. It's also great to use behind a chair for a little extra support during the day.

    The faux fur backrest pillow in ivory

    Promising review: "Love love love this pillow. I like to sit up and read in bed. With my normal pillow, I get neck cramps and back pain because my pillow kinds of folds up. This back pillow is firm but also soft and plus. The material is very soft and comforting against your skin. I haven't experienced any shedding so far. It's very affordable but the quality is also top-notch." —Danny

    Price: $17.88 (available in two colors)

    6. A hypoallergenic down comforter for the person who appreciates their down time as much as they do a down comforter. It's incredibly soft and will keep you toasty in the winter without being too warm in the summer.

    The hypoallergenic down comforter in queen size

    Promising review: "This is amazing. For the price it's perfect. Not too thin not too bulky. Did have a slight chemical smell when first opened but I just threw it in the dryer for a few minutes and it came out fine. Color is true to picture." —Dawn

    Price: $24.99 (originally $39.99; available in eight sizes and three colors)

    7. A shag rug because the '70s are back (you heard it here first). It's a great way to make your home feel more cozy this holiday season.

    The shag rug  in taupe

    Promising review: "I was a little skeptical when I saw the relatively reasonable price for this rug, but it's actually super soft and quite thick, which makes it feel very high-quality! It feels like carpet to the touch and it's a great size (5'x8') for how much you pay — it fits perfectly in a living room or a bedroom. It's also pretty light-weight, making it easy to move into the house. The color of the rug is very similar to the color you see in the product photos. I'd recommend this rug to anyone looking for a good quality rug, but at a really good price!" —aNels0n3

    Price: $12.73 (originally $153.09; available in 23 sizes and 3 colors)

    8. A velvet tufted square floor cushion so you can create a little extra seating this winter season. If you have kids they will love hanging out on these with their friends and your pets are sure to make their way over to them, too.

    The tufted floor cushions in all the colors

    Promising review: "The soft velvety texture of this floor cushion makes it a perfect seat in our bohemian style den. It's comfy, but we wanted to make it comfier so we stacked two together for a little more cushion and height. It's been resistant to stains so far, doesn't shed any material, and was perfect for the price where other retailers are selling floor cushions for an outrageous amount." —Kelley

    Price: $29.99 (available in eight colors)

    9. A knitted round pouf that works great as an ottoman or coffee table. Pull it up to the TV as an extra seat for bonus points.

    The knitted round poufs in different colors

    Promising review: "Sturdy and comfortable. I shopped around for poufs and most were unnecessarily overpriced. I got two of these and so far so good. They were a great purchase!" —Awesome

    Price: $52.44 (available in four colors)

    10. A faux cowhide throw pillow for the person who wants to bring some western vibes to the home this year. It's a great way to spruce up any living room and because it's made of neutral colors it can fit seamlessly into any home.

    The faux cow hide throw pillow on a couch

    Promising review: "Love the pattern of cowhide. Perfect size and color is spot on." —Jody

    Price: $12.88 (avaialble in two sizes)

    11. A 65" Smart TV because there has never been a better time to splurge on home entertainment. Watch all the Netflix, Hulu, and HBO that you want from the comfort of your own couch.

    The Roku Smart TV

    Promising review: "For the price this TV is pretty impressive. After a little research, Sanyo was bought out by Panasonic and Panasonic makes pretty good electronics. Built-in Roku makes all the apps easily accessible. The picture is very nice and the setup was easy. My only complaint is the very limited picture settings. The shipping time was decent. Time will tell how long this tv lasts but so far a great TV." —Mdgreg

    Price: $398 (originally $498)

    12. A 4-in-1 indoor grill so you can pretend that it's summer even when it's snowing. Summer didn't quite look like what we had pictured this year so why not bring the summer spirit with you all throughout the year?

    The 4-in-1 indoor grill

    Promising review: "This is the best indoor grill I have ever had! It is so quick, smokeless and food is like grilled on a regular grill. I am amazed how easy it is to clean and fits in the sink and dishwasher without a problem. Finally a grill I don't hate to clean! The air frying function is working very well also. So happy with my purchase! I use it on a daily." —Petya

    Price: $169 (originally $199)

    13. An Instant Pot with an air fryer lid that is perfect for making hot meals for the whole family. Plus, the air fryer lid allows you to experiment with new and exciting recipes that you can test out before the holidays.

    The instant pot with an air fryer lid

    Promising review: "We Love our Instant Pot! Just make sure to watch videos on YouTube about cooking with it. The only bad thing is only its 6-quart size. It's OK for two maybe three people, otherwise, you should look at the 8-quart size. It's just my wife and me so this one is perfect for us." —Ray1

    Price: $129 (originally $149)

    14. A Crosley Cruiser Deluxe record player for the person who appreciates vinyl more than the next. It's a great way to bring a little music to your home and we promise you'll have fun having guests over to choose their favorite record to play.

    The Crosley Cruiser Deluxe record player in black

    Promising review: "This is such a neat record player. The case is so nice-looking. It also is going to be great for traveling. It looks much more expensive than it is. I would have no problem leaving it out for display. It sounds great and I love the Bluetooth feature. I would recommend this to anyone!" —Lisareviewsitems

    Price: $44.96 (available in nine colors)

    15. A Nespresso VertuoPlus because if you haven't been going to your usual coffee shop, this is a great way to bring the good stuff right to you. Plus, you'll save tons of money by only paying about a buck per cup.

    The Nespresso VerturoPlus in black with coffee pods

    Promising review: "We got our espresso as a gift and it is absolutely delicious! I really love it because not only is the coffee delicious but the machine foams your coffee for you too! They also give you a recyclable bag to recycle all the coffee pods!" —WalmartCustomer

    Price: $99 (originally $149)

    16. An 18-piece towel set so you'll never have to know the perils of not having a clean towel to use after a shower. It's a great way to keep everything you need on hand and to provide your family the things that bring them comfort at this time.

    The 18-piece towel set in light school grey

    Promising review: "I love these towels. Washing after washing they maintain their color, size, and weight of the fabric. My towels are washed on a sanitizing cycle every time and have still maintained their quality appearance. It's open stock. So this means, if I need additional pieces, they're available, and will match the ones I already have. They're not too thick or too thin, very absorbent. I don't think there's a better price for this quality, anywhere. Thanks!" —Terry

    Price: $24.98 (originally $57.60; available in four colors)

    17. A cordless wet and dry vacuum that is perfect for rugs and hardwood floors. It's a multisurface cleaner that's a true winner if you value versitility. Plus, it's super powerful so you know it'll get the job done.

    The cordless wet and dry vacuum in black

    Promising review: "I use it for my vinyl plank floors throughout my entire house, it even works on my area rugs! It's the best cleaner and I have ever purchased for my floors! It's lightweight and easy to carry upstairs. I love that it is self-cleaning for the most part! It's cordless which is my favorite feature besides self-cleaning. I only wish the battery life was a little longer." —Amy

    Price: $339 (originally $399)

    18. A motion sensor trash can for the person that can't stand the smell of stinky garbage. It's a great way to ensure your home stays smelling fresh and you won't have to get the lid of your trash can dirty with cooking hands.

    The motion sensor trash can in stainless steel

    Promising review: "I wish I bought a trash can like this earlier. I noticed there are fewer spills and stains on the trash can because you have to wait for it to open to put your trash in. Which also means no stains on my curtains. It was easy to set up, and I love the look of it. It was worth the money." —Constance

    Price: $39.98 (originally $47.98, available in two colors)

    19. A Himalayan salt crystal lamp because if you're like everyone else on the internet, you've been coveting one of these for a *while.* It's never been a better time to put your personal touch on your home decor, so why not start small?

    The Himalayan salt crystal lamp in blush pink with a wood stand

    Promising review: "This is a large beautiful piece of salt! Looks like it is on fire! Much prettier in person than in the picture. It DOES have a dimmer cord which allows you to create the perfect ambience. My wife is ordering more to give as gifts and another one for her office." —4MyCleo

    Price: $14.15 (originally $19)

    20. A tilting TV mount so that you can enjoy TV the way that you want to. If you've been eyeing your TV stand recently and thinking about how much better your TV would look free-standing, this is the item for you.

    The tilting TV mount in black

    Promising review: "Came on time and very easy to assemble I am ordering three more for the televisions in the other rooms in my house." —badcatdog

    Price: $24.88 (originally $79.99)

    21. An 18-piece nonstick cookware set that is ideal for the chef looking to perfect their favorite recipes. It's a great way to generate enthusiasm for cooking and getting the whole family involved in a meal.

    The 18-piece non-stick cookware set in steel gray.

    Promising review: "I'm from Brazil and Tramontina is one of the best brands of utensils, I didn't think twice about buying now that I live here in the USA. Simply passionate about quality and quick delivery." —Karoline

    Price: $35.96 (originally $49.97; available in two colors)

    22. An iRobot Roomba i3+ for the person who is living with lots of dander from pets. It's an ideal solution to the never-ending dust problem that we all inevitably face.

    The iRobot Roomba i3+ with wifi control

    Promising review: "It cleans both my carpeted areas as well as hardwood and tile floors perfectly. I love that it returns to the base to empty the bin and recharge, so that I can schedule it to run during the day when I'm at work! It was so easy to keep up with the hair from two dogs and three cats in my house!" —K&S Tire Co

    Price: $399 (originally $599)

    23. A 3-in-1 flat panel TV stand because it's never a bad idea to organize and arrange the things you look at every day. It's a great way to ensure everything electronic is looking nice and kempt.

    The 3-in-1 plat panned TV stand in brown cherry

    Promising review: "Love this stand! It was worth the buy. It realistically took up to three hours just to put up the TV stand with the tools that they provided with the instructions. I loved that they provide a tool for the screws instead of you needing to buy a drill, etc. I also loved that there was an app that visually showed you how to put up the stand." —Annamariee

    Price: $149 (originally $189; available in two colors)

    24. A 20-piece griddle accessory kit so you can make all the pancakes your heart desires. It's a great way to ensure that your stove top stays clean and that your food turns out as tasty as you'd hoped.

    The 20-piece griddle accessory kit with tongs, spatulas, and more

    Promising review: "The kit had almost everything I was looking for. The handles are nice and thick and easy to keep hold of even when my hands are greasy. The egg rings work great and I love the artwork on the squeeze bottles. The only thing I wish it had is a basting dome." —Brenda

    Price: $34 (originally $54)

    25. A Roku streaming media player that is perfect for staying entertained when you've run out of shows to watch. If you're like us, you've already seen most of what's on Netflix so switching to a different streaming service can be a whole new source of entertainment for you.

    The Roku streaming media player

    Promising review: "I got this streaming device on last Cyber Monday to be used on the guest's room. Now I am so happy to have it because my entire family is indoors because of COVID-19. This item is really good, lots of options and so many movies and series that my children can watch just what they want. This is definitely better than cable and cheaper than buying a new smart TV!" —Sole15

    Price: $17

    26. An essential Bluetooth speaker for the person who has been listening to podcasts exclusively through their computer speaker. It's a great way to get superb sound even though it's not the most *high end* speaker available; it's a great value for the price.

    The essential bluetooth speaker in gray

    Promising review: "I love the speaker! Pretty loud!" —Jessica

    Price: $50

    27. A Lenovo smart clock because sometimes its hard to wake up in the morning. Plus, your nightstand will make you feel *very* adult if you have something this practical.

    The Lenovo smart clock in gray

    Promising review: "Awesome clock. The time and temperature is big enough for me to read without my glasses. When I turn out the lights the display dims automatically. I use the Google Assistant to turn lights on and off, play music, and get weather. I also have the Lenovo smart clock with LCD display but I prefer this Lenovo Smart Clock Essentials because of the easy to read display and it has a lower price." —Vinnie

    Price: $24.88 (originally $49)

    28. A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet so you can make all your favorite meals and savor their seasonings. It's a great addition to any home and adds a little extra element of flavor to any meal that you use it for.

    The Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet

    Promising review: "I love my cast iron and Lodge didn't let me down! This skillet is a perfect size. I use mine on a glass top stove without any issues, just be sure you pick it up to move it as sliding it could scratch the surface. I appreciate the fact that they are pre-seasoned! Cleaning them is as easy as any non-stick pan. I don't ever have to worry about a skillet warping again and this skillet should last me the rest of my life!!" —Wormie

    Price: $14.88 (originally $26.75)

    29. A two-wick candle that's perfect for the person looking to spice up their home with a little fall scent. It will burn for hours and it comes with a cute wood lid so even when you're not burning it it will look nice in your home.

    Two two-wick candle in red lava cirtrus

    Promising review: "This is a great candle for this price point. I wasn't sure what to expect but this candle and scent has exceeded my expectations. It's a beautiful frosted glass container with a wooden lid. I lit the candle and I would say about 25-30 minutes later the whole front of my house was filled with a delicious apple cinnamon scent. I can't smell much of the pumpkin but that's OK it still smells wonderful. I will definitely be buying more and you should too before they sell out. ;)" —Chrystal

    Price: $11.87 (available in nine scents)

    30. An upholstered tufted headboard with a USB charger for the person who's been trying to solve the age-old question of how to read from their phone in bed.

    The upholstered tufted headboard with a USD charger in charcoal

    Promising review: "I've never had a headboard before. I love this one as we attached it to the wall since the head of my bed raises and lowers. It looks great! The USB ports on the side are perfect. Before I would lean on the edge of my bed as the charger was plugged into the wall. Now, I can comfortably lay in bed with my phone in the headboard charger. Great idea! I highly recommend this headboard. I got the light grey for my room and the charcoal grey for my son's room. Both are good colors and material." —Tara

    Price: $89.99+ (originally $124.99; available in three sizes and two colors)

    31. And an enamel cast-iron Dutch oven because every serious chef needs one. It's a great way to cook group dinners and, since they're made of enamel, you'll have them forever.

    The enamel cast iron dutch ovens in three different colors

    Promising review: "This is the best deal I could find on one this size. Truly does compare to the high-dollar ones, works just as well. I saw where some reviewers don't like the plastic knob, but it says it's good for you to 300 degrees, so I don't have a problem with it. The beautiful red color even makes the food look prettier." —aprilstarr

    Price: $39.98 (originally $59.97; available in four colors)

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