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27 Underrated Makeup Brands Everyone Should Know About

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We recently asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite underrated makeup brands. These are the brands they wish they'd known about sooner.

1. BH Cosmetics

@BHcosmetics / Via

"It's really cheap and good quality stuff. Their lip liners stay on forever and the liquid liner pen is amazing as well." —Stephanie Shepherd, Facebook

Pricing: $1.95–$12

2. Ardency Inn

@ardencyinn / Via

"Ardency Inn has some of the best eyeshadows out there." —leahb4dd25974e

Pricing: $19–$38

3. Glossier

@Glossier / Via

"It's skincare with amazing foundation-like pigments that are lightweight. Recently they just came out with the Boy Brow, which is the best eyebrow gel to keep your brows fresh and tamed." —Hannah Chait, Facebook

Pricing: $12–$38

4. E.l.f.

@elfcosmetics / Via

"E.l.f.'s game changing product for me was their matte lip pencil. Smooth, moisturizing, long lasting, and a velvety finish that rivals NARS." —Jennifer N. Campbell, Facebook

Pricing: $2–$13

5. Makeup Geek

@Makeupgeekcosmetics / Via

"They literally have the biggest variety of colors and you buy individual shadows and put them in your own special palette exactly the way you want them. They are SOO super affordable, each shadow is only $6, and I swear they have EVERY color imaginable." —allthelove

Pricing: $4.50–$90

6. Aromi

@aromi_beauty / Via

"Their liquid lipsticks are everything I’ve wanted my whole life." —Stephh5

Pricing: $12–$45

7. Younique

@Younique_Corporate / Via

"The quality is just as good as Sephora or MAC or any other high-end makeup line, but they're naturally based and don't test on animals. Not only that but they offer skincare too!" —Becca Gray, Facebook

Pricing: $15–$125

8. Black Radiance

@Blackradiancebeauty / Via

"Black Radiance is great for darker complexions." —Amber Jeter, Facebook

Pricing: $1.99–$9.99

9. Bellapierre

@Bellapiere / Via

"Totally cruelty-free, and their BB cream is the only one I've tried that consistently improves my skin. I've loved everything I've bought from them." —La Re, Facebook

Pricing: $14.99–$94.99

10. Shanghai Suzy

@shanghaisuzylipsticks / Via

"Hands down best lipsticks out there." —karap41cf6ee6e

Pricing: $12.95

11. IT Cosmetics

@Itcosmetics / Via

"It Cosmetics!" —Maren Johnson, Facebook

Pricing: $15–$65

12. Sugarpill Cosmetics

@sugarpill / Via

"Not only are the pigments absolutely incredible, they're generous sizing for a reasonable price and they're vegan!" —kaitlinp449db3b20

Pricing: $7–$118

13. Melt Cosmetics

@Meltcosmetics / Via

"Eyeshadows are super pigmented and long lasting —gobanana

Pricing: $19–$48

14. Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop / Via

"Everything (besides the kits and palettes) is under $10, their lipstick smells heavenly, they have SO many shades to choose from, and they’re such high quality! I refuse to buy lipsticks and eyeshadows from anyone else." —rosiep4ef92c924

Pricing: $5–$8

15. Innisfree / Via

"I swear by their CC cream. Very affordable too!" —billabongok

Pricing: $4–$38

16. Fyrinnae

@Fyrinnae / Via

"Their Dragon's Blood is my favorite black lipstick. It was made with a red base so your lips don't look gray when you take it off. Amazing eyeshadows as well." —Michelle Pinochet, Facebook

Pricing: $5.50–$12

17. Pacifica

Ilovepacifica / Via

"Especially eyeliner and liquid liner...and CC cream. No chemicals either!" —Chelsea Smith, Facebook

Pricing: $7–$18

18. NYX Cosmetics

@NYXCosmetics / Via

"I use their eyeshadow primer and it works just as well as Urban Decay. Also their eyeshadows go on smooth and are easy to apply because they go on evenly and are easy to blend. I was using NYX setting spray for a while and it was a good replacement for Urban Decay's setting spray." —Gabriella Monique Sarinas Munoz, Facebook

Pricing: $3.50–$50

19. Milani

@milanicosmetics / Via

"I know a lot of people love them, but they're worth mentioning. Amazing lipsticks, eyeshadows, and brow pomade, and they're cruelty-free and inexpensive! Heads up to other Milani lovers — the Amore mattes are going permanent, and Milani is expanding the shade selection at the beginning of the year. Huzzah!" —Angelika Roswell, Facebook

Pricing: $3.49–$9.99

20. Josie Maran

@Josiemaran / Via

"Great metallic eyeshadows and cheek gels. The products are often infused with argan oil and coconut water, so you're getting makeup with skincare benefits."

—Laura Neuzeth, Facebook

Pricing: $12–$96

21. Lipstick Queen

@lipstickqueenofficial / Via

"I love Lipstick Queen for cosmetics." —missfashionp

Pricing: $18–$50

22. Essence

@Essence_cosmeticsna / Via

"Great lip liners, great gel eyeliner, great lipsticks. And very, very cheap!!!" —Daniela Rojas, Facebook

Pricing: $1.49–$9.99

23. Mirenesse

@mirenessecosmetics / Via

"I'm allergic to a lot of makeup but their stuff is so good for highly sensitive skin. There were times my eyes would swell shut with expensive mascaras, so I was hesitant to try anything, but I gave theirs a go and have now been a member of their VIP club for five-plus years. It's pricey, but 50% off as a VIP and a gift box every second month with a lot of products are so worth it. The mascara stays on all day and washes off instantly in the shower. Their balm primer is essential for large pores and their double-ended eyeliner pen makes cat eyes so easy. And no swelling, rashes, bumps — nothing!" —reijiliew

Pricing: $14.98–$108.56

24. Becca

@Beccacosmetics / Via

"Their mineral powder is amazing, comes in a variety of shades, and it has SPF in it already." —Sandy Guerrero-Cruz, Facebook

Pricing: $20–$48

25. Lord & Berry

@lordandberry / Via

"They have great eyeliner!" —alexisk4f0c45562

Pricing: $18–$38

26. Physician's Formula

@physiciansformula / Via

"The only foundation I've found that doesn't make my skin break out in hives is from Physician's Formula. A bit on the expensive side, but you can get it at Walmart and Kmart." —danakleinjan

Pricing: $5.20–$14.95

27. L.A. Girl

@lagirlscosmetics / Via

"Their lip liners rule!" —arevalojen

Pricing: $4–$9

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