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    17 Parents Whose Hilariously Real Texts Will Make Other Parents Go, "Yup, That About Sums It Up."

    "Baby just fell asleep. Be quiet or you're dead."

    1. This parent, whose threat is as real as they come:

    jlhoova / Via

    2. This parent, who says things they never thought they'd say:

    cypress_knees / Via

    3. This parent, who gives the necessary updates:

    kyemartin / Via

    4. This parent, who may never get their question answered:

    kristinals671 / Via

    5. This parent, whose child is an animal lover:

    sauslund / Via

    6. This parent, who looks on the bright side:

    onefunjac / Via

    7. This parent, who knows when to celebrate:

    ambifaith / Via

    8. And this parent, who knows when to mourn:

    9. These parents, who know they've got a prodigy on their hands:

    lovablelens / Via

    10. This parent, who has a legitimate excuse:

    momcavetv / Via

    11. This parent, who came up with some pretty foolproof directions:

    photobugcutie2012 / Via

    12. This parent, who has traded childish things for, well, childish things:

    jmatthewcolburn / Via

    13. This parent, who is crafty when it counts:

    sassyjewishmom / Via

    14. This parent, who is running on fumes and fumes alone:

    lpmoreland / Via

    15. This parent, whose kids totally live on the edge:

    funwithmonster / Via

    16. This parent, who was a casualty of new babyhood:

    tiredmomcreations / Via

    17. And this parent, who found poetic justice where they least expected it:

    robinsonc814 / Via

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