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Dudes Are Wearing Crop Tops Again And Honestly That's Dope

Do you.

Something refreshing is becoming more mainstream this summer.

Twitter: @hopingforfame

More dudes are embracing wearing crop tops.

Twitter: @iAmTreboR_TSOE

And, like, why not?

Because they look good.

Twitter: @th0ttiedreads
Twitter: @th0ttiedreads

You don't have to have a six pack to rock a crop top.

Twitter: @300rez

Crop tops can be great on all bodies.

Twitter: @sinamonnroII
Twitter: @sinamonnroII

And tbh people are loving it.


Guys in crop tops are sexy. #JudgeMe

living for #MaleCropTops2016 tbh

Like, it's really happening.

Twitter: @CropTopGuy

It's a movement.

Twitter: @FizTheMobile

Honestly, it's not like this shit is new.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

Will Smith did it in the early '90s.


Now Jaden is baring the midriff too.

Twitter: @officialjaden

And Kid Cudi has been about it for a while now.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

So get out there and stunt while there's still a little summer left.

@jimmyswanks / Via
  1. What do you think, should guys wear crop tops?

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What do you think, should guys wear crop tops?
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