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What The Republican Convention Looks Like On Pinterest

Prettier than it does everywhere else. (Also, did you know that basically everything comes in FLAG?)

1. On Pinterest, the RNC is just like being at the beach.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

2. Baked goods express political memes.

3. Cookies obviously look this way.

4. Here's an adorable way to serve caprese salad with olive oil pipettes.

Totally works for the RNC even though they didn't dye the basil leaves blue.

5. "Cute" elephant prints abound.

You don't want to be the person wearing the plain Ron Paul tee-shirt.

6. Elephant corsages offer DIY inspiration.

7. As do elephant fascinators.

8. And straight-up elephant hats.

9. This lace elephant garter is also "perfect" for the RNC.

10. If you're hemline isn't short enough to display a garter, try this elephant-print bow tie.

11. Jazz up an everyday set of keys with this flagephant fob.

12. Oh, and cute elephant umbrellas keep the kids dry.


14. The Tampa weather surely warrants flip-flops.

15. And hopefully this won't be necessary but just in case:

Elegant flag flashlights.

16. So, what else comes in flag? Dolphins!

This is Florida, guys.

17. Look at this herd of Tampa-themed elephants.

18. Flagephant mosaic sculpture art.

19. This wouldn't be Pinterest (or, well, the internet) if users weren't nostalgic for a past era.

20. And if you haven't found just the right piece of elephant bling?


21. On Pinterest, the GOP isn't just red, white, and blue.

22. It's pretty pink and floral-print.


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