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    21 Hilarious Tweets About NASA's Recent Announcement That There Is, In Fact, Water On The Moon

    "Moon's wet."

    ICYMI, NASA just made a huge announcement: There is water on the sunlit surface of the moon. I love this for her.*

    *"Her" is the moon.

    So, with that in mind, we searched through the caverns and craters of Twitter to find the absolute best jokes about the situation to curate into this easy-to-enjoy list. Here we go, space cadets:

    1. This cheesy truth:

    Scientists now confirm the Moon is no longer made of cheese, now confirmed to be made of water.

    2. This W.A.M. (Wet Ass Moon):

    their impact

    3. This mild disappointment:

    WHAT DO WE WANT? Aliens WHAT DID WE GET? A bit more water on the moon than NASA expected

    4. This reality show crossover:

    5. This accurate depiction:

    Capitalists after finding out there's water on the moon #moon #NASA

    6. This fun new insult:

    There’s water all over the moon. Which means it’ll be feasible for rich people to move/visit there. Which means we can start telling rich people, “Fuck off up the moon then” and I consider this an absolute win.

    7. This Earth exit:

    Nestlé on their way to steal all the water from the Moon 30 seconds after it was discovered.

    8. This OTHER Earth exit:

    astronomers: there is water on the moon Nestle Corporation:

    9. This X-Files episode in the making:

    10. This promise of a pool party:

    nasa employee: oh hey u guys are back early astronaut: moon's wet nasa employee: what? astronaut: *getting into swimsuit and picking up pool noodle* moon's wet

    11. This parody account excellence:

    adding a dripping wet moon to space mountain

    12. This terrifying Jaws reboot:

    oh sure u all think it's fun and games now that theres water on the moon but lets see how u feel when the moon sharks eat our astronauts. wont be so fun then. fools.

    13. This timely music video:

    Harry Styles discovering water on the moon, 2020 (images courtesy of NASA)

    14. This A+ meme use:

    nasa employee: oh hey u guys are back early astronaut: moon's wet nasa employee: what? astronaut: *grabs a mop* moon's wet

    15. This unimpressed reaction:

    Ok there’s water on the moon??? big deal??? there’s water on my nightstand rn. and that’s like sooo much closer to me. Im not going all the way to the moon for some water lmao.

    16. This correct assessment:

    NASA: “we found water on the moon; not sure yet if we can use it as a resource” The moon:

    17. This gentle Dasani burn:

    18. This understandable news confusion:

    Hang on. Was the big Moon announcement that Oscar Isaac is in talks to be Marvel’s Moon Night OR is it the water that was discovered?

    19. This reminder to hydrate:

    20. This inspired use of foreign liquids:

    tired: drinking the sarcophagus juice wired: drinking the moon crater water inspired: making a cocktail with the mummy juice and literal moonshine

    21. And finally — this apt reaction to the beginning of the week:

    NASA have found water on the moon and it’s only Monday of this week can 2020 just fuckin chill out

    So, uh, yeah...there ya have it! Moon's wet! It's a Monday! Good stuff! Anyway, be sure to click through and follow your fave creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun place to be!!!

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