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    13 Weird And Wonderful Inaugural Crafts

    President Obama is beginning his second term and Etsy sellers are commemorating the occasion.

    1. 2 Termz T-Shirt

    Buy yours here.

    2. Inauguration Hand Fans

    These cost $100 for 25. Just sayin'.

    3. Obama Candle

    The "Merry" in the background leads one to believe that this was originally intended as a Christmas craft; however, you can't blame Etsy sellers for savvy marketing.

    4. 2013 Hershey Kisses

    Get them here.

    5. "Thank You, Obama" Poster

    Abstract. Buy it here.

    6. Cupcake Toppers

    7. Obama On A Unicorn Mug

    8. Obama-Meets-Bowie Commemorative Shirt

    This shirt honors Obama's first inauguration, so this time around it'll be *vintage*.

    9. Obama Bobblehead

    It comes with a certificate of authenticity! Although what exactly is being authenticated is unclear.

    10. "Obama Rocs" Earrings

    Buy them here.

    11. Inaugural Paperweight

    12. Election Night Mug

    With "natural bark cork." Get it here.

    13. President Obama Commemorative Quilt

    Everything about this quilt is perfect, most notably the part where the crafter included Romney just in case he won the election. But again, savvy marketing is what built this great nation.

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